AAC Resources & Sign Language Printables

Here are a few AAC resources to check out, whether you're new to AAC, exploring the possibility of using it, and/or already using some form of alternative communication. You'll also find some free sign language printables and resources.

Augmentative and alternative communication, or AAC for short, describes other ways to communicate besides talking or using oral speech. So that might mean using gestures or sign language. Or it might mean using low tech options such as a letter board or high tech options such as a device or iPad to communicate.

Keep in mind that AAC isn't just for those who are primarily nonspeaking. Even those who can speak or talk with their mouth might find AAC useful from time to time, especially if they experience situational mutism and/or struggle to communicate in certain situations. 

Below you will find a couple of AAC resources and sign language printables, with more resources to come soon.

AAC resources for parents and therapists

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AAC Resources & Sign Language Printables

Below you will find a few resources about using an AAC device or iPad to communicate, as well as some ASL sign language printables.

Resources About Non-Speaking Autistic or Hyperlexic Learners

If you're looking for more information about supporting non-speaking autistic or hyperlexic learners, then you'll find these resources helpful.

Want to Learn More About AAC for Gestalt Language Processors?

If you want to better understand how AAC can support gestalt language processors or hyperlexic learners, then the AAC for Gestalt Language Processors course is for you. 

It will show you how to program gestalts for AAC users, how to support an AAC user through the gestalt language development stages, and so much more.

This AAC course is a great complement to the original Meaningful Speech course. By the way, you can use the coupon code DYAN to save 5% on the course or bundle both courses and save even more.

AAC for Gestalt Language Processors Course from Meaningful Speech

Learn more about the Meaningful Speech Course & AAC Course

Okay, I know there isn't much here for AAC resources yet. Yet being the key word. Hopefully more resources will be added soon so stay tuned.