Hey there, I'm Dyan!

About Dyan Robson, author of And Next Comes L I'm a busy mom just like you are, juggling the needs of my children while navigating my way through the school system, trying to make life better for my kids. All while educating myself about all things hyperlexia, autism, ADHD, SPD, and giftedness so I can be the best advocate for my kids.

My goal here at And Next Comes L is to show you the importance of connecting with your child by embracing them for who they are and by moving beyond the letters and the labels.
See, back in 2013, I started And Next Comes L as a creative outlet for me, but also, as a way to capture and document the meaningful connections I created with my children.

As my children grew and changed, so did the blog. When my oldest son was diagnosed with autism, hyperlexia, and hypernumeracy (he has since received other diagnoses and labels), we finally received the answers and help we were looking for.

I finally learned that my son's love for letters and numbers was more than just a fascination. It had a name and that name was hyperlexia.

The name I picked for my blog started to take on new meaning upon his diagnosis. The L originally referred to love, laughter, and learning, but now it could signify the importance of letters in our life.

The alphabet was where it all started for my son. It's how we first noticed his gifts. His hyperlexia.

Letters is how we connected to him through play.

It is difficult to describe the sense of relief I felt when I finally learned about hyperlexia. I knew then that my focus for this blog had to change. I knew there were other mothers, just like me, struggling to understand how their child could read everything in sight, yet couldn't carry on a conversation.

I needed to reach them. I needed to reach you.

This blog is no longer just about me and my kids. It is about helping you find peace with the diagnosis and to help you too move beyond the letters to create meaningful connections with your hyperlexic children.

What This Blog Is All About

The goal here at andnextcomesL.com is help you move beyond the letters and the labels.

The key pillars of this blog are as follows:

  • To help you create meaningful connections through play 
  • To show you the importance of embracing your child for who they are, regardless of diagnosis or label
  • To enable you to be a better advocate for your child
  • To educate you about hyperlexia, autism, sensory processing, and other things that help YOU to better understand your child's diagnosis
  • To provide resources and printables to assist you and your child's growth

7 Fast Facts About Me, Dyan

  • My name is pronounced just like Diane
  • I'm married to my high school sweetheart
  • I have two boys J (September 2009) and K (September 2011)
  • We live in the Canadian prairies
  • I also teach piano
  • I love red candies and chocolate covered cherries
  • I honestly have no idea what I am doing when it comes to parenting, but I'm having fun and my kids are having fun!

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  1. #11 I'm an awesome friend and mom! Everyday I inspire the people around me to put down our phone, I pad etc and PLAY with our kids!!

    Just thought I'd help you out with your list :o)

    So proud of you, your Blog is amazing!!

    1. Perfect addition, Lisha! It put a huge smile on my face so thank you!

  2. Love all of these, but my favorite is #3 (and the red candy)!

  3. Just discovered/started following your blog - good stuff. Just a personal side note, my kids are I, J and K ... L comes next for us too ( if there is one, but the names are already picked out) :-)

    1. That is hilarious and so awesome! Glad to have you follow along. :)

  4. Hah! I was born on my parents' FIRST wedding anniversary. Honeymoon's over, right?? So fun reading your about page ;)

  5. Awesome About page! Very inspiring. I loved the list! :D Mario Kart on the super Nintendo is the best!

    1. It sure is! Just waiting for a new Mario Kart to be released for Wii U!

  6. Came across your blog from a link from the CBC website. You have some amazing ideas here and I can't wait to check our your blog in full! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Hello
    My name is Julia and I work as a early childhood educator staff coach..
    I came across your calm down cards from an educator I work with. I am interested in sharing this resource but noticed that they say 'for personal use only'. I wanted to check with you before I use them that it is okay for me to share these with the educators I support.
    Please let me know what you think

  8. Found your website the other day and am so thankful to find such an amazing resource to help us through our journey with our 3-year old son who I'm positive has hyperlexia/hypernumeracy/Einstein syndrome. And then I noticed we're both from SK! Not that I necessarily NEED a diagnosis as with your resources I'm sure I can navigate through this but I was curious as to whether there was a professional in SK who was familiar with this and gave you a diagnosis (i.e. psychologist? psychiatrist? speech therapist?) We have seen a few speech therapists over the years as our son was late in talking, but since I just learned of this I haven't contacted them if they're familiar with it. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide and again, thanks for this website and fb group!!

    1. I'd be happy to chat about this via email dyan@andnextcomesl.com or send me a message on Facebook!