Animal Activities, Crafts, & Printables for Kids

Looking for animal themed activities for preschoolers or toddlers? Try some of these fun animal activities, crafts, and printables for kids

Do you have a little animal lover at your house? Do they have a special interest or passion for animals?

Maybe they love big creatures like sharks and whales. Or perhaps they prefer little creatures like bugs and spiders. Whatever their preference, there's lots of fun animal themed ideas to be found here.

You'll find lots of printable activities, including many different animal themed I spy games, below.

You'll find some animal themed crafts and art ideas too. Not a lot, but a few.

So no matter what your child is into, there are lots of fun animal activities for kids below to choose from.

Animal activities, crafts, and printables for kids

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Animal Activities for Kids

Here you will find hands-on activities and ideas for toddlers and preschoolers that are animal themed or inspired. There are sensory activities, gross motor ideas, and more below.

Animal Crafts & Art Projects for Kids

Looking for an animal themed craft or art idea? That's what this section is all about. You'll find a couple of craft and art ideas that incorporate animals and insects.

Animal I Spy Games for Kids

If your kid is into animals, then they're going to love doing some animal themed I spy games. Below you will find a variety of themes from bugs and insects to pets and sea creatures. You'll find a mixture of seasonal themes in here, as well as free and paid printables.

Animal Printables for Kids

In this section, you'll find a variety of animal printables. There are Montessori inspired printable packs, printable games that target speech and language, learning activities, emotion activities, and more. There is a mix of free and paid printables in this section.

Montessori-Inspired Animal Themed Printable Packs

Do your kids want to learn more about animals vs just do animal themed activities? This section is full of great printables that are perfect for homeschooling or supplemental learning activities.

Other Animal Themed Projects

Here are some other animal themed blog posts. They aren't activities specifically or crafts for kids. Instead, they are projects for adults.

That sure was a lot of animal activities, hey? Hopefully you found something that your child might enjoy.

Animal activities, crafts, and printables for kids