Autism & Sleep: Tips & Advice for Tired Parents

It's all about autism and sleep here. Get strategies and advice to help you with common autism sleep issues and problems.

If you have been struggling with sleep at your house, then you are in the right spot. You've maybe wondered:

"How does autism affect sleep?"

"How do you get an autistic child to sleep?"

"How come my autistic child won't sleep alone in their own bed?"

You're not alone. Many families raising autistic children struggle ask for help with sleep problems.

Below you'll find practical strategies and tips to help address common autism sleep issues and problems.

Autism and sleep problems advice and strategies

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Autism & Sleep: Tips to Help Autistic Children Sleep

Sleep issues are common in autism.

And I promise you're not the first parent to wonder why their autistic child won't sleep alone or how to help them fall alseep. There's lots of tired parents out there dealing with the exact same thing. Trust me.

However, you'll hopefully find some helpful tips and ideas to try below.

Resources to Help with Bedtime Routines

Establishing a bedtime routine for your autistic child can make a huge difference. You can use the following resources to do so. From social stories to printable visual supports, we've got you covered! Let's help you create a bedtime routine that works.

Autism and sleep: common issues and problems, as well as strategies and advice to help your autistic child sleep, plus free printable resources to help establish a bedtime routine