Autism Sleep Tips & Resources

Looking for autism and sleep problems advice? Then look no further than this list of autism sleep tips!

If you have been struggling with sleep at your house, then you are in the right spot. You've maybe wondered:

"How does autism affect sleep?"

"How do you get an autistic child to sleep?"

"How come my autistic child won't sleep alone in their own bed?"

You're not alone. Many families raising autistic children struggle ask for help with sleep problems.

Below you'll find autism sleep tips, strategies, hacks, and resources that will hopefully make a difference in your home.

Autism and sleep: how do you get an autistic child to sleep?

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Autism Sleep Tips: Ideas on How to Get an Autistic Child to Sleep

Sleep issues are common in autism, but here are some tips, strategies, and resources to help you (hopefully) improve your child's sleep. Or at least ideas to try to help get your autistic child to sleep.

Printable Autism Sleep Resources

Need printable visual supports to help with bedtime routines? You'll love these printable resources!

Autism and sleep: how do you get an autistic child to sleep?



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