Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Free Printable Bedtime Visual Routine Chart for Kids

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Build strong bedtime routines and independence with this free printable visual routine chart for kids!

Since my boys were babies, we established strong routines, but usually it involves me verbally reminding them over and over to get dressed and brush their teeth.

Repeating myself gets exhausting.

And with J's hyperlexia, verbal commands are not the best way for him to be successful completing his bedtime routine. Visual aids are best. After all, when it comes to hyperlexia, if it isn't written out, it may not exist.

This free printable bedtime routine chart for kids has been a lifesaver for our bedtime routines - and my voice! I no longer have to repeat myself over and over to get the kids ready for bed. Now they can go through the routine on their own.

Free printable bedtime visual routine chart for kids

How to Use this Visual Bedtime Routine Chart

Here's what you'll need to use your bedtime routine chart:

This visual routine chart was designed for autistic, ADHD, and/or hyperlexic kids who benefit from using visual schedules and routines. Simply print, laminate, and hang somewhere that makes sense. Personally I printed off two copies, one for each son, and hung them on their whiteboards in their bedrooms.

The kids will enjoy checking off the items on their list with the dry erase marker. They don't have to go in the exact order list, which is why they are no numbers on this chart. Instead, it's more like a checklist. Then simply wipe it clean before the next use.

Download the Bedtime Visual Routine Chart for Kids

This free printable routine chart has five different colored options (white, blue, pink, yellow, and green) so that you can pick the one that fits your family and your child. Simply print the page you need as there is no need to print all five pages.

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