Printable Social Scripts for Kids

A collection of printable social scripts examples for hyperlexic and autistic learners. They're great for building conversation skills and helping them navigate different social scenarios.

When my hyperlexic son started reading, we naturally started writing down more and more things for him. And we saw how powerful that strategy was.

That's why I started creating these printable social scripts. I thought they would be a great way to help him express himself when spoken language didn't come naturally or easily to him.

These social scripts are like mini social stories. They focus solely on phrases to say during specific situations. You can practice the scripts ahead of time or keep them handy to use in the right environments and situations as needed.

There are a range of topics covered in these social scripts from making friends, greeting others, asking for help, and so much more. And each booklet offers a variety of phrases that can be used to explain what's going on, respond to questions, etc.

Printable social scripts for hyperlexic & autistic kids

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Why Use Social Scripts?

Written scripts play to a hyperlexic's learners strengths. After all, if it isn't written down, it might not exist to them. There's a reason why "when in doubt, write it out" is a big motto in the hyperlexia community! So writing things down makes a huge difference.

Written scripts play to a hyperlexic learner's strengths

It's also worth noting that most autistic and hyperlexic learners are gestalt language processors and use a lot of echolalia to communicate. That is, they naturally use a lot of scripts and gestalts to communicate. So you can use these scripts as potential gestalts to model.

People of all ages can use social scripts. So while these were originally created with hyperlexic children in mind, they can be used with teens and adults as well.

So, there are actually lots of reasons why social scripts can be helpful for people, regardless of age or neurotype. For instance, social scripts can:

  • Improve communication, especially in new or unfamiliar situations or when experiencing situational mutism or anxiety
  • Provide language models and possible responses
  • Reduce anxiety and uncertainty
  • Reduce cognitive load
  • Build self-advocacy skills
  • Build social skills and relationships
  • Build confidence and independence
  • ...and more!

Seriously, social scripts can be a great tool for many and for a wide variety of situations or scenarios.

Some reasons to use pre-written social scripts

Free Printable Social Script Examples

As you can see, the following social script examples cover a wide variety of topics. Even seasonal ones like trick-or-treating or specific situations such as receiving gifts for birthday or holidays.

The printable scripts below can be arranged into little booklets that fit into the palm of your hand, making them perfect for taking on the go or for shoving in a pocket or bag for when you need them.

So let's take a closer look at the different social scripts that you can download for free...

Even More Social Scripts & Social Stories

Didn't see the topic you needed above? Try the social scripts bundle instead. It covers lots of other topics than the ones above, such as table manners, receiving and giving compliments, and protesting.

Grab your copy of the social scripts bundle

Social stories can be a great compliment to the social scripts above. And you can actually find tons of social stories in our massive social story library. Topics range from conversation skills and sensory needs to playtime skills and emotions. There are lots of free options as well!

Browse the social story library

Hopefully, you can see how useful these printable social scripts can be for helping kids, teens, and adults, neurodivergent or not, navigate a wide variety of social scenarios and situations. Which ones are you going to try out?

Printable social scripts for hyperlexic & autistic kids