Printable Scrabble Math Worksheets for Kids

Printable Scrabble math worksheets. Lots of free printables that work on spelling and addition!

We do a lot of math at our house since math is my oldest son's love language. He would be happy to do math worksheets all day. Seriously, the kid loves math.

We also do a lot of spelling of words because my son is hyperlexic. He was born to spell and read!

So really an activity that combines math and letters is a dream to him. And these Scrabble math printables fit the bill.

I first started creating these Scrabble math printables to give him the constant math fix that he needed while helping him develop his language skills and build his vocabulary. My son is in French immersion so we also use these Scrabble math printables to reinforce his French vocabulary as well, which is why you'll find a couple that are bilingual.

Printable Scrabble math worksheets for kindergarten and up to work on spelling and addition

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What is Scrabble Math?

Great for Kindergarten and early elementary aged kids, Scrabble math is a perfect way to practice math, spelling, and writing. It uses Scrabble tiles to encourage literacy and math skills. It's like combining spelling worksheets and addition worksheets into one!

Kids simply spell the word using the Scrabble tiles then add up the scores on the letters.

There are lots of ways to expand the learning with these printables, including graphing and tallying words scores, writing the letters in the boxes, etc.

You could also cut the printables into strips and laminate them. Then you can reuse these printables over and over again using a dry erase marker.

Scrabble Math: Free Math Printables & Worksheets

Here are some free themed Scrabble math printables that are available to download.

More Scrabble Math Printables for Kids

Our Scrabble math printables are great for homeschooling families or for kids who need extra practice for spelling or addition. That's why I put together these themed Scrabble math printable packs.

Scrabble math worksheets and free printables