Shape Activities for Kids

Looking for shape activities for preschoolers or toddlers? Try some of these fun shape themed activities and printables for kids

Did you know that a common interest for hyperlexic kids is shapes? Yep, it sure is (see #9 on this list)!

Now, that might not surprise you considering that many hyperlexic kids also have hypernumeracy and have a strong passion for math as a result. So shapes seems like a logic next step for them to explore and be interested in.

While my son didn't really go through a shape phase like a lot of hyperlexic children do, we have done a few shape activities over the years. Mostly on the light table because that was one of my son's favorite ways to play for years.

So if your child has a special interest in shapes, check out the fun shape activities and printables below.

Shape activities for kids

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Shape Activities for Kids

Sometimes we do very specific shape activities and, other times, a random activity might turn into an exploration of shapes, even if that wasn't the original intention of the activity. So although we haven't done a ton of shape themed activities, you'll likely find something below that will appeal to your little shape loving child.

That's it for our shape activities. Which of these ideas will you try out first?