Monday, March 04, 2013

Building With Magnets

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In our playroom, we make use of every space possible for creative play.  And that certainly includes using the extra large freezer for magnet play.  We have magnets available for the boys to play with at all times.  However, there is one particular set of magnets that are reserved for "big kids" due to extreme choking hazards.  So J is allowed to play with them during K's naptime.  This particular set doesn't get used on the freezer often, as sometimes it is more fun to play with them on the floor.

This magnetic set consists of two parts: colorful plastic rods with magnets on each end and tiny metallic balls.  My husband's workplace gave these magnets to their employees and he started collecting them from his co-workers who didn't want them.  They stayed in his cubicle for quite a few months, but eventually they made their way to our house.  So they were absolutely FREE!

Magnets!  Aren't they wonderful?!
What I love most about this magnet set is that the possibilities are endless.  We can even build 3D objects with them, which is really awesome.  J usually starts off with simple one dimensional shapes, testing out the functions of the two different parts.
Let the building begin!
Putting the pieces together

Concentrating...looks like the number 10 is being built!
Testing out the magnet's properties resulted in lots of giggles from J.

Well, after watching me build some simple 3D shapes, he took a turn.
Imagination at work: "It's a flashlight, mom!  I can't see you!"
He wanted to see more so I showed him how to build some cubes (he refers to them as boxes).

Cubes in a row
Building up!
Building higher!
Eventually J destroyed the cube pyramid so I built a rainbow instead.  That lead to him practicing his spelling of the word "rainbow."
I made the rainbow.  J instantly started rattling off the colors of the rainbow and then started to spell the word "Rainbow" as you can see.
And as always, J found a way to turn these magnets into numbers.
I spy the number 3!
The number 8