Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Color Sensory Bins: Yellow

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Continuing on in our color sensory bins series, the boys had a chance to explore the color yellow.

  • Large plastic bin
  • Soap foam
  • Yellow food coloring (unless your soap is already yellow)
  • Yellow foam shapes
  • Yellow bowl
  • Yellow cup
  • Yellow cookie cutters
  • Yellow popsicle sticks
To make soap foam, use an electric mixer to whip dish soap with a little bit of water until it's nice and foamy.  I had to use a lot of soap to make enough to cover the bottom of our bin.

I also quickly cut out some random shapes using some yellow foam.  They didn't need to be perfect by any means.  I knew that the boys would probably be spending most of their time with the soap foam anyway.
    The invitation to play with the color yellow.
Both boys were awake for this sensory bin and they could hardly wait to see what was in store when they heard me using the electric mixer.  So, as usual, we stayed on the kitchen floor since it's the easiest to clean up afterwards.

J and K are checking things out.
Then they each momentarily check out some items .
Then they decide on two different things.  J picked the soap foam,
while K picked the yellow bowl.
J started off the messy fun by squishing the soap foam in his fingers and painting his clothes.

J washing his hands with the soap foam.
J also splattered soap foam all over the floor, while trying to get it off his hands and clothes.

Some soap foam splatters.
J then tried to clean up the soap foam with his feet.  That's when he discovered the floor got slippery.  He was convinced he was skating at this point.

J started painting the kitchen cupboards, so K had to imitate.

Painting the cupboards.
K also spent a lot of time with the yellow bowl and cup.  The bowl was the first thing he picked from the sensory bin.

K picking out a yellow bowl.
K testing out gravity.
However, because of the soap on the bowl, it wound up being too slippery for K to pick up most of the time.  Here he is trying to pick up the bowl and getting frustrated because it keeps sliding around.

K getting frustrated because the bowl is slippery.
Then K played some more with the soap foam, making sure to rub it deep into the roots of his hair.

Messy hair.
Mom, I'm not too sure about this...
Soap foam has been such a great addition to our sensory play materials.  J, in particular, loves it.  He keeps requesting that I make soap foam bath paints whenever they have a bath.  So I'm not surprised that this sensory bin was a hit.

Another successful sensory bin.  YAY!

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