Monday, April 15, 2013

Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin

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We have been exploring dinosaurs a lot lately, so why not do a sensory bin too?

    Dinosaur dig sensory bin for kids from And Next Comes L
I buried the dinosaur skulls in the "dirt" for the boys to do some digging for dinosaurs.  I even included paint brushes.  I attempted to read a dinosaur book to the boys to kind of prepare them for this activity.  However, they wanted nothing to do with it.  K kept insisting that I read an ABC book.  That's really the only types of books he wants to ever.

Anyway, I just explained to the boys that we were going to dig for dinosaur skulls and talked a little bit about fossils.

The invitation to play.  I apologize for the poor picture.
I thought I had taken a better picture, but apparently not.
Both boys reached for the paint brushes first.

"Oooh, paint brushes."
Clearing away some "dirt" to find some dinosaur skulls.  Also, note the socks on the floor by J.
He starts every sensory bin off by removing his socks.
The only logical thing to do next would be to paint the floor with coffee least according to J.  What can I say.  The kid loves to paint!

J painting the floor.
K tried painting with the coffee grounds too, but he mostly painted the top of his head.  Instead, he was more interested in the gravel rocks and the coffee grounds.

K picking up a rock.
Then, of course, the only logical thing for a toddler to do, would be to dip the rock in some coffee grounds and give it a taste.  Mmmmm.

What is this stuff, mom?!
And I am happy to report that even after sampling some coffee grounds, K slept a delightful 9 hour stretch that night.  That hasn't happened in, well...a very long time...  

Perhaps coffee = better sleep?

Hahaha...I only kid.

Anyway, the bin was partially successful.  We decided to cut it short, though, when coffee started being dragged into our dining room on the white carpets.  I wasn't up for stain removal, especially with company coming over later that day, so we put the bin away.

And as much as the coffee grounds worked as a good dirt base, I still can't stand the smell of the stuff.  So I think next time I will just stick to plain old regular dirt.

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