Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Songs and Rhymes That We Love

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Best songs and rhymes for kids.

As I have mentioned before, music is an important part of our lives.  With me being a piano teacher, they have been exposed to various types of music, as well as different skills levels (I teach mostly beginner students) and different mediums.  So here is a collection of CDs, songs, and rhymes that we love (or have previously loved).  I have also included links to YouTube and Amazon to help you find the music that is on this list.

Our Favorite CDs

The boys have access to numerous CDs in our playroom and are allowed to control the CD player.  Here are the CDs that they reach for the most.
Some of our favorite CDs

Classical Music

I know that classical music isn't for everyone, but the boys love it.  They especially love songs that I have played for them on the piano like "Rondo alla turca" by Mozart.

I recently found a great collection of classical music CDs geared towards children at the library the other day.  And they have been a huge hit with the boys!  They are wonderful and include albums such as:

Individual Songs

Most of the songs that we sing on a daily basis are from the Signing Time collection and they are all fabulous, but here are some of the more popular songs that we sing (or sang when the boys were younger).

The two most popular songs are definitely "A is for Alex and Alligator" and "Silly Pizza Song."  "Silly Pizza" is even better when you get the child to pick the next topping!


Bananas Unite!
This rhyme is a new favorite. It is one that we learned at our weekly cooperative playgroup. J asks for it almost daily. And K always starts swaying his hips once I start singing it.

Smooth Road
A bouncy rhyme that we learned at the library, again when J was a baby. It is still loved today by both boys. Of course, we can be a lot more rough with them when we do the rough road part.

We're Going to Kentucky
Okay the video that I found on YouTube absolutely cracks me up, but you get the idea of the rhyme. We also learned this one at the library when J was a baby.
We first learned this rhyme when J was a baby and we attended the Baby Talk program offered at our local public library. I used to hold J under his arms and gently swing him side to side while saying the rhyme. For the blast off part, I would lift him into the sky. Today, we do this rhyme at our weekly cooperative playgroup as a more active running activity. Once the countdown is off, the boys take off running.