Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Painted Snow Hearts

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Have you ever painted snow before? If not, you'll definitely want to head outside with the kids and paint some hearts in the snow for Valentine's Day.

Painting snow on a winter day is such a fun thing to do (we've painted a snowman before). However, we were hit with frigid temperatures here for awhile. Like frostbite-within-minutes-why-do-I-even-live-here-stupid-cold frigid (and yes, that's the technical term...haha). So our outdoor play was put on hold while we hibernated through the -40 C or colder temperatures.

When it was finally a normal winter temperature, we headed outside for some outdoor play. And since we were in the mood for Valentine's Day activities, I brought out some supplies to paint hearts in the snow.

These painted snow hearts are a lot of fun to make!

Painted snow - a fun activity for kids

Painting Hearts in the Snow: What You'll Need

Here's what you'll need for this Valentine's Day activity:
  • Heart shaped stencil of some kind (see below)
  • Spray bottles
  • Red liquid watercolor or red food coloring
Remember these red hearts that were once a Valentine's Day mobile? Well, they became our stencils for this activity. You could always substitute some heart cookie cutters instead.

Preparing to paint hearts in the snow

In two spray bottles, one for J and one for K so they wouldn't fight, I mixed water with about 10-12 drops of red food coloring. Liquid watercolors could be used instead of red food coloring if you have them on hand. Then let the kids spray paint the snow!

Spray Painted Hearts in the Snow are a Great Way to Decorate for Valentine's Day

K was really into this activity. Mind you, he likes anything that involves using a spray bottle! 

J, on the other hand, was excited to finally head outside and just play in the snow. 

So while K painted hearts, J demolished a huge mound of snow and turned it into a slide. PS: How AWESOME is K's winter hat?!  Have you seen a cuter moose?

Painting snow for Valentine's Day

Painting snow for Valentine's Day

Anyway, back to the activity...When the heart stencil is removed, you'll be left with a beautiful painted snow heart.

Painted snow hearts

And after just four hearts, K happily joined J in demolishing the giant pile of shoveled snow, but at least my snowbanks looked colorful for awhile.

Painting hearts in the snow

Painting hearts in the snow

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