Saturday, March 01, 2014

10 Sensory Bins and Small Worlds that Encourage Imaginative Play

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One of the staples in our playroom for encouraging imaginative and open-ended play is our ever-growing collection of Safari Ltd. TOOBS.  The detail on the figures are unbelievable, but I especially appreciate that each figure has its name written on it.  So I no longer have to guess the names of specific dinosaurs or fish or frogs when questioned by the kids.  Plus, the boys love playing with them.

So here are ten ways to play and learn using Safari Ltd. TOOBS!

10 sensory bins and small worlds that encourage imaginative play {Plus, Safari TOOBS Giveaway!} from And Next Comes L

1. Arctic Small World Sensory Bin - Blue water beads, ice, real snow, and the Arctic TOOB make this small world sensory bin chilly and so much fun.

Arctic small world sensory bin from And Next Comes L

2. Magnetic Roads - This busy bag activity is perfect for pairing with the On the Road TOOB!  And since it's portable, you could easily take it on the road with you.

Magnetic roads busy bag from And Next Comes L

3. Felt Castle Play Tote with Knights and Dragons - Here's another great portable activity.  And it's a perfect castle to pair with the Knights and Dragon TOOB.

Knights and dragons figures on the felt castle play tote from And Next Comes L

4. Music Sensory Bin - Inspired by the keys of a piano, I put together this sensory bin for the boys to learn about musical instruments.  The Musical Instruments TOOB worked perfectly in this bin!

Music sensory bin from And Next Comes L

5. Frog Pond Small World on the Light Table - My boys adored this small world on the light table.  They had the frogs from the Frogs and Turtles TOOB hopping around like crazy!

Create a frog pond small world on the light table to encourage imaginative play from And Next Comes L

6. Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin - The boys loved getting messy with this fossil dig sensory bin and loved looking at the skulls from the Dinosaur Skulls TOOB.

Dinosaur dig sensory bin for kids from And Next Comes L

7. No Sew Portable Road Play Set - Here's another one of my favorite busy bags.  It works great with the On the Road TOOB, but I also used the barn from the Down on the Farm TOOB.

No sew portable road play set busy bag from And Next Comes L

8. Bugs by the Numbers Sensory Bin - Learn about bugs and numbers with this book-inspired sensory bin.  Using the Insects TOOB in this sensory bin was a great way to learn about insects.

A sensory bin for kids inspired by the book Bugs by the Numbers from And Next Comes L

9. Medieval Sensory Bin - This medieval sensory bin was so much fun to create!  J especially loved dragging the dragon from the Knights and Dragon TOOB through the "dirt."

Medieval sensory bin for kids from And Next Comes L

10. Arctic Small World on the Light Table - I promise that this small world only takes a minute or two to set up!  Especially if you already have the Arctic TOOB on hand!

Arctic small world on the light table from And Next Comes L