Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Valentine's Sensory Writing Tray & Light Table Activity

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Valentine's Day themed salt tray writing activity for the light table.

Both of my boys like to write. So we used this Valentine's writing tray as a way to practice writing Valentine's themed words and shapes. Salt trays like this one are great for toddlers and preschoolers to practice mark making and writing skills.

This activity is quick and simple to set up.

And you can add additional sensory dimensions by placing it on a light table and turning it into a Valentine's Day light table activity.

Valentine's salt writing tray and light table activity for kids

Valentine Sensory Writing Tray: What You'll Need

Here's what you'll need for this salt tray writing activity:

  • Plastic heart jewelry links - I found ours at Target and the Dollar Tree.
  • Glass dish
  • Light table (optional)

Valentine's Day themed salt tray for writing

Valentine's Day Light Table Activity

I put this Valentine writing tray on the light table just to add another sensory dimension. Plus, my boys loves light table play so I knew it would be even more appealing to them.

Valentine's writing tray on the light table

The feathers were perfect for practicing writing and helped to encourage good fine motor skills. J practiced writing words like heart and love in the salt. He also drew some hearts freehand and traced some of the plastic hearts.

Writing in a Valentine's salt tray on the light table

The boys also liked to press the plastic hearts into the salt to make little heart impressions. They continued to do these impressions for a few minutes before declaring they were all done. So it wasn't major success in their books, but it did keep them busy for like 10 minutes.

Valentine's Day light table activity to practice writing

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