100+ Awesome Number & Math Activities for Kids

Fun and engaging math activities for preschoolers, toddlers, kindergarten, and kids of all ages. You'll find lots of great number activities and fun math worksheets and printables below.

Around here, math and numbers are life. They're definitely my son's love language (he's hypernumeric after all). So we've done a lot of number and math activities over the years.

Even if an activity didn't start off as a math activity, it usually ended up as one somehow. That means, what you see here is just a starting point. You'll find lots of hints of math and numeracy throughout the blog.

But if you're looking for math activities for kids, you're certainly in the right spot because there's tons of ideas here. I did say numbers and math were my son's love language after all!

Math activities for preschoolers and number activities for toddlers

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Math Activities for Kids

Fun math games, sensory bin ideas, printables, and other cool ways to play and learn with numbers. There's lots of awesome math activities for preschoolers and number activities for toddlers below. You'll even find ideas for kindergarten and beyond!

Fun Math Worksheets & Number Themed Printables

Ditch the boring math worksheets you grew up doing and opt for these printable games and activities instead.

Seasonal Math Activities for Kids

Browse for math activities and games by seasonal themes.

Montessori-Inspired Math Printables

Loads of awesome Montessori-inspired math printables to work on fractions, addition, subtraction, telling time, and more!

Other Useful Number & Math Related Resources

This catch-all section houses all the miscellaneous number and math related blog posts, from information on hypernumeracy, relevant book lists, fun math apps, and other number themed printables.

Math activities for preschoolers and number activities for toddlers