Tuesday, June 16, 2020

LEGO Stamping Kinetic Sand Activity

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This kinetic sand LEGO stamping activity for kids is a great fine motor sensory play idea.

Kinetic sand has been a staple sensory bin material for us for quite some time. 

So to spice things up a bit, we added some LEGO duplo to the mix. 

The addition of LEGO to kinetic sand transformed this simple sensory activity into a fine motor stamping activity. And the boys loved it! Plus, they manipulated the LEGO stamping in ways that I didn't originally consider.

Seriously, you'll want to give this LEGO stamping kinetic sand activity for kids a try. I've also included some variations and twists of this activity near the end of the post.

LEGO stamping and kinetic sand activity for kids

What You'll Need for this LEGO Stamping Activity

Don't be shocked when I tell you that this kinetic sand activity only requires two materials...I mean the title basically tells you all you need. Yep, all you need is:

Just dump the kinetic sand into a container and add some LEGO pieces. Voila! Easy, right?

Fine motor kinetic sand activity with LEGO DUPLO

Stamping LEGO in Kinetic Sand is a Great Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers & Preschoolers!

The boys started off by stamping the tops and bottoms of various Duplo pieces. The impressions that the Duplo make are pretty neat, right?

Stamping LEGO in kinetic sand activity for kids

Stamping LEGO into kinetic sand

Next, my boys had a brilliant idea that I never even considered! 

J had the idea to build a shape and then stamp the side of his object into the kinetic sand. K joined in too and they spent quite a few minutes assembling shapes and stamping. 

Pressing and stamping LEGO duplo into a kinetic sand sensory bin

Pressing and stamping LEGO duplo into a kinetic sand sensory bin

Stamped LEGO impressions in a sensory bin filled with kinetic sand

Some Variations to Try

There are lots of ways to adapt this activity:

  • Make letters and numbers using the Duplo and stamp those letters and numbers into the kinetic sand
  • Create some kinetic sand puzzles by creating some shapes, stamping them in the sand, and then encouraging your kids to match the LEGO shapes to their stamped shapes in the sand
  • Swap the LEGO for cookie cutters or rubber stamps
  • Have your child stamp their name or sight words in the sand using the LEGO pieces
  • Stamp patterns in the sand using different sized LEGO bricks
  • Stamp the LEGO pieces to create math equations to practice addition (i.e., stamp the bricks and then count up and add the number of impressions the pieces left)

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