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Free Social Stories About Puberty

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Free printables for kids

A collection of free social stories about puberty including some free printable social stories for kids about periods/menstruation, body odor, masturbation, and more.

Ah yes, the preteen years...

Where conversations around puberty, regular hygiene, and bodily changes are frequent and aplenty.

I remember the awkward conversations as a preteen, but even more so, I remember all the questions and concerns I had. There are just so many changes that come along with the adolescent years.

And, for an autistic child, all those changes might be incredibly overwhelming.

Thankfully, there are lots of social stories for puberty already available to help explain the changes to your autistic child in clear, concise ways. Stories that explain periods, body odor, masturbation, erections, and sex.

No birds.

No bees.

No other ridiculous metaphors.

Nope, instead you'll find over 20 helpful social stories to help you open up the conversation around the topic of puberty.

Free puberty social stories for kids with autism

Free Puberty Social Stories

You'll find a wide variety of social stories for puberty below, everything from body odor, wearing a bra, periods/menstruation, masturbation, and more.

While some of the social stories below are text only and include no images, you can use the free social story templates in combination with these text only stories to create a custom social story that fits your needs.

Besides, when it comes to puberty, I think it's important to personalize it to your child and their needs anyway. I can almost guarantee that you're not going to find the perfect social story for these topics below since there are simply too many factors to consider, such as cultural considerations, sensory sensitivities, religious reasons, etc. So I strongly encourage you to use the following social stories as inspiration text, or as a guide, for creating your own.

All of these puberty social stories are free. However, some do require you to create an account on Teachers Pay Teachers (which is free) or, in the case of the stories from Able 2 Learn, you'll have to add them to your cart and check out.

1. Getting My Period (A Social Story for Girls in Early Puberty) from Bloom Wellbeing on Teachers Pay Teachers

2. How to Manage My Period Social Story from Aimee Ross on Teachers Pay Teachers

3. 2 Social Stories About Periods (text only) from Raising Children

4. 4 Body Odor & Deodorant Related Social Stories (text only) from Happy Learners

5. 4 Social Stories About Menstruation (text only) from Happy Learners

6. 2 Social Stories About Touching Yourself (text only) from Happy Learners

7. Puberty & Masturbation Social Stories for Boys from Living Well with Autism

8. I Have My Period Social Story from Able 2 Learn

9. What is Puberty? Social Story for Girls from Able 2 Learn

10. What is Puberty? Social Story for Boys from Able 2 Learn

11. When Can I Touch Myself? Social Story for Girls from Able 2 Learn

12. When Can I Touch Myself? Social Story for Boys from Able 2 Learn

13. No Hands in Pants Social Story from Able 2 Learn

14. I Can Get Cramps During my Period Social Story from Able 2 Learn

14. Wearing a Bra Social Story from Able 2 Learn

15. When Can I Masturbate? Social Story for Boys from Able 2 Learn

16. When Can I Masturbate? Social Story for Girls from Able 2 Learn

17. When I Get an Erection Social Story from Able 2 Learn

18. When Can I Talk About Sex? Social Story from Able 2 Learn

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Free social stories about puberty for kids with autism


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