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10 DIY Weighted Vest & Pressure Vest Tutorials {Sensory Hacks for Kids}

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As an alternative to weighted blankets for kids with autism, a weighted vest or pressure vest can be a nice way to give your child some proprioceptive sensory input. However, just like weighted blankets, the store bought versions of weighted vests can be quite expensive! It doesn't have to be anymore because here are some lovely tutorials for how to make a DIY weighted vest for kids.

I've also included some DIY pressure vest tutorials for kids, which are yet another way to provide proprioceptive sensory input.

How to make a DIY weighted vest or pressure vest for kids with autism and/or sensory processing disorder from And Next Comes L

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Tutorials for How to Make a DIY Weighted Vest for Kids

Don't want to spend money on an expensive weighted vest for your child? Then these amazing tutorials are for you. And seriously, how cute is that ruffled weighted vest?! Such an adorable and stylish idea for a little girl!

1. Cute DIY Ruffled Weighted Vest Tutorial (pictured) from Holding Tomorrow - Probably the cutest DIY weighted vest you'll find. Such a brilliant hack idea too!

2. DIY Weighted Vest (pictured) from Classroom Treasure Hunting - This DIY vest just upcycles a denim vest and looks easy to make.

3. Homemade Weighted Vest from Homeschooling, Autism, & "Stuff" - Turn a thrift store jean jacket into a weighted vest with this easy tutorial.

4. DIY Weighted Vest from I am an Autism Parent - This vest is more obvious and colorful, but a nice alternative to consider.

5. How to Make a Weighted Vest from pocketplatypus - Find out how to turn a fleece vest into a weighted sensory vest with this tutorial.

6. DIY Weighted Sensory Vest from Little Miss Kimberly Ann - Another tutorial using a jean jacket or vest.

7. How to Make a Weighted Sensory Vest from Surviving a Teacher's Salary - This vest is made from scratch, but looks really easy to make.

Tutorials for How to Make a DIY Pressure Vest for Kids

Perhaps you're more interested in a compression or pressure vest? Well, no worries! You won't believe how easy (and how frugal!) making one of these vest can be with these great tutorials.

1. Homemade Pressure Vest (pictured) from Something Sew Special - This pressure vest looks cozy and fairly straightforward to make.

2. Easy Low Budget DIY Sensory Vest (pictured) from I Break Crayons - A brilliant and inexpensive pressure vest hack! Definitely want to try this one.

3. DIY Deep Pressure Vest from This I Know - Similar process as the tutorial above.

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How to make a DIY weighted vest or pressure vest for kids with autism and/or sensory processing disorder from And Next Comes L

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