Monday, December 09, 2019

Jingle Bell Oral Motor Christmas Game for Kids

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This jingle bell oral motor exercise and activity would make for a fun Christmas minute it to win it game with the family.

We're always on the lookout for different ways to provide oral motor sensory support for my kids, especially my oldest son who chews on literally everything

But oral motor sensory races, such as this Christmas game for kids using jingle bells are also great for working on breathing control and self-regulation skills. By encouraging deep controlled breathing, it is hoped that the kids will learn to use the same type of breathing when they need to calm down or are overwhelmed.

Yet, this Christmas spin on a classic oral motor activity also provides a nice little bit of auditory sensory input too! It's such a multi-sensory activity!

Jingle bell activities for toddlers and preschoolers that also doubles up as an oral motor exercise

This Jingle Bell Oral Motor Exercise is a Fun Christmas Game for Kids!

This activity is really simple and can be set up in mere seconds, making it a great Christmas game for the whole family! Here's what you'll need:

Use the tape to mark a starting line and a finish line. Feel free to make them as far apart or as close together as possible!

Or, for another fun variation, make designs like zig zags or snowflakes with the tape and encourage your kids to blow their jingle bells along the tape designs.

Oral motor jingle bell Christmas game for kids

A Christmas Themed Oral Motor Game Using Jingle Bells

At first, five year old K wanted to try blowing the jingle bells without the straws. However, he found it extremely challenging to get the jingle bell to move even just a few centimetres.

Christmas minute it to win it style game that involves blowing jingle bells across a finish line

So he opted to use a color coordinating straw instead to send that jingle bell across the finish line. This is a great oral motor workout, especially when you compare it to our pokeball oral motor races or our snowball oral motor races, where the items are much lighter than a jingle bell.

A Christmas oral motor activity for kids using jingle bells

Crawling along the floor while blowing the jingle bell is also a great heavy work idea for kids and it provides lots of proprioceptive sensory input while doing so.

Jingle bell oral motor game for kids

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Jingle bell Christmas game and oral motor activity for kids - such a fun idea for toddlers and preschoolers!