Monday, December 09, 2019

How to Help Your Anxious Child Talk About Their Worries

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Help kids with anxiety open up and talk about their worries with these seven tips and strategies.

It's one thing to help your kids cope with their anxiety and worries, but it's another thing entirely to get them to openly talk about those worries. After all, it can be tricky to know how to best support and help them if you don't really know what it is they're worried about in the first place.

These seven tips that I'm going to share are all about helping your child with anxiety express themselves, whether it's through journaling or an open discussion with you, the parent. There's also suggestions on how to best have these discussions so that they'll continue to come to you for help with their anxiety.

Kids who worry - how to help your anxious child talk about their worries

How to Help Your Anxious Child Talk About Their Worries

Ready to help encourage your anxious child to discuss and share their worries with you?

Well, then I truly hope you'll find these 7 tips helpful.

How to help kids who worry - great tips for helping anxious kids talk about their worries