Kids Who Chew on Everything: Why it Happens & How to Help

Wondering why your kids are chewing on things? Here's why it happens and what you can do to help support heavy or aggressive chewers who chew on everything.

If you have ever noticed your child chewing on their hands or their clothes, then it's likely you have an oral motor sensory seeker (that is, a kid who chews on everything).

I mean every week there are parents just like you who end up on my blog because they've searched something like:

  • Why is my toddler chewing on everything even though they're not teething?
  • My 7 year old is chewing on everything
  • Why does my child chew on everything?
  • Why is my kid chewing his shirt?
Whether they are chewing on hair, their shirt sleeves, shirt collars, or even just their fingers, there are things you can do to help your child. I know because I too have a kid who chews.

I know you're tired of dealing with soaking wet clothing and chewed up toys so here are some resources to help you better understand why kids are chewing on things and how you can help them find alternatives.

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Understanding Why Your Kid is Always Chewing on Things

Chewing on things beyond the teething years is common in kids diagnosed with autism or sensory processing disorder. It's a form of stimming that focuses on regulating the oral motor sensory system.

The resources below will help you understand what stimming is, as well as the reasons why your kid chews on everything.

And if you need help supporting your aggressive chewer, there's a free social story to help explain to kids what they can and cannot chew on.

Chewelry: Reviews & DIY Sensory Hacks to Help Kids who Chew on Everything

One of the easiest and best ways to help kids who chew is to invest in some chewelry or chewable jewellery for your kids.

There's tons of options available and my son has put maaaaaany chews through his aggressive chew test. So you'll find reviews of our favorite chewable sensory necklaces. And if you're in Canada, you can save 10% on the Chewigem Canada website when you use coupon code ANCL10

You can also find some DIY chewable options below in case you can't find what you're looking for in a store (like those kids who chew specifically on their clothes).

Oral Motor Exercises, Activities, & Resources

Supplying your kid with chewelry isn't the only thing you can do. You can help your child with their oral motor fixation by providing sensory snacks and doing some oral motor exercises and activities. Here are some ideas to help inspire you...