Tuesday, February 13, 2018

4 Tips for Managing Sensory Issues During the Winter

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Tips on how to manage sensory issues during winter.

Winter can be challenging for many reasons, especially if your child is autistic and/or has sensory issues.

New transitions.

New routines.

New clothing.

All of these seemingly simple things can throw kids off and cause issues.

Our biggest issues during winter revolve around winter clothing. From zipping up to remembering to wearing mitts to chewing nonstop on the top of the coats, both of my kids need extra support for helping them manage their sensory issues. These are my top tips for managing sensory issues during winter.

4 tips for managing sensory issues during winter

How to Support Your Child's Sensory Issues During Winter

Don't worry, these tips are nothing crazy or difficult to implement. They're simple little changes you can do once that will (hopefully!) help all winter long.

4 tips for managing sensory issues during winter