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Free Social Stories About Friendship

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A collection of free social stories about friendship include free printable social stories for kids about how to be a good friend.

There is a huge list of social skills to tackle when it comes to raising children and many kids struggle with certain social skills like sharing or being a good sport, for instance.

Another area that many kids may have difficulty with is friendship.

There are so many aspects to consider when it comes to friendship from how to talk to friends, how to play with friends, how to make new friends, and how to be a good friend. There are even more topics as children grow up, such as peer pressure, for instance, that they may need guidance with too. So when it comes to teaching kids about friendship, there are so many factors to consider.

Social stories are a great tool for teaching social skills to kids, especially autistic children. You can simply use a social story to teach each of the different friendship skills your child may need to be a good a friend. Below you will find free social stories about friends, including free printable social stories for kids and social skills videos.

Free social stories about friends

Free Printable Social Stories About Friends

Whether you are looking for a playing with friends social story or being a good friend social story, these free printable social stories about friends are a great starting point! Some of these are pretty simplified and others required a free Teachers Pay Teachers account in order to download, but I hope you will still find them helpful.

1. Free Being a Good Friend Story from All Things Special Ed on Teachers Pay Teachers

2. Free Making Friends Social Story by Teacher Gomez on Teachers Pay Teachers

3. Free I Can Make Friends Social Story by Kelli Writes Social Stories on Teachers Pay Teachers

4. Free Being a Good Friend Social Story by Miss Allison's Class

5. Free Being with my Friends Story by Tania Kraus

6. Free Talking with my Friends Social Story by Tania Kraus

7. Free Walking with a Friend Social Story by Tania Kraus

Video Social Stories for Kids About Friendship

Video social stories can be a great way to teach kids about friendship. Here are some helpful videos!

Free social stories about friends
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