Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Outdoor Winter Heavy Work Activities for Kids {Free Printable}

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A list of heavy work activities for kids that can be done outdoors in the snow during the winter months.

If you're at all familiar with sensory diets and/or the different sensory systems, then you've likely heard of heavy work activities before.

And you probably already know that these types of activities are a great way to calm your child's body.

That's because these types of activities provide deep proprioceptive sensory input. Or, in simpler terms, they are tasks that provide input to a child's muscles and joints and help them gain a better senses of where their body is and what it's doing.

Usually, heavy work activities are things your child might do naturally throughout the day or are simple chores. But maybe you're looking for something new for your child to do since it's winter?

Well, this list of winter heavy work activities includes a variety of activities your child can do outdoors in the snow. So you can sneak in some extra sensory activities this winter!

So get ready to bundle those kids up and head outdoors for these simple - yet effective - heavy work ideas!

A list of winter heavy work activities for kids to do outdoors in the snow

Winter Heavy Work Activities for Kids

While heavy work can involve doing actual "work" like chores, it doesn't always have to be the case. Oftentimes the way kids already play in the winter and snow are great heavy work activities all on their own.

 Just getting all the layers of winter gear on - or off! - qualifies as a heavy work activity. I mean have you tried to put boots on once you have snow pants on? It can be exhausting!

Anyway, here's a list of 20 fun ways for kids to sneak in some heavy work while playing outdoors in the snow:

1. Make a snowman

Giant spray painted snowman

2. Make a snow angel

3. Pull someone or something in a sled

4. Pull a sled up a hill

5. Shovel snow

6. Bury your legs in the snow

7. Make a snow fort

8. Push or pull something through the snow

9. Dust the snow off of the car

10. Scrap ice off of sidewalks or driveway

11. Scrap ice off of car windows

12. Dig a hole in the snow

13. Jump on a snow covered trampoline

Two kids jumping on a snow covered trampoline

14. Sweep snow off of the trampoline

15. Have a snowball fight

16. Jump into a pile of snow

17. Make snowballs and stomp on them

18. Make a snow maze

Child walking through a snow maze

19. Carry buckets filled with snow

20. Make a snow obstacle course

Free printable list of winter themed heavy work activities for kids

Download the Free Printable List of Heavy Work Activities

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List of winter heavy work activities for kids to do outdoors in the snow