Monday, March 04, 2019

Books About ADHD

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This list of ADHD books is a great starting point for parents looking for ADHD resources. Are your favorite books on ADHD on this list?

I never considered the possibility of my son having ADHD, mostly because when I thought about ADHD, I always imagined the combination type of ADHD. So I was a bit surprised when a psychologist brought up the possibility back in late 2017. However, I was also curious though because, frankly, I didn't know that much about ADHD then.

Could my son have ADHD? I wondered.

I also didn't know at the time that there are actually three types of ADHD. So when my son was diagnosed with the hyperactive/impulsive type in early 2018, I dived right into research mode. I started reading ADHD books, articles about ADHD, and talking to others about it and asking questions.

When I started reading about the particular type of ADHD that my son was diagnosed with, I quickly realized that yep, that describes my son!

While this list of books about ADHD is small at the moment, they are books that I have personally read and enjoyed. I'll continue to add books to it as I find new favorites.

ADHD resources for parents: books on ADHD

ADHD Resources for Parents: My Favorite ADHD Books

By Cindy Goldrich

When my son was first diagnosed with ADHD, this book was the first one I picked up to read on the topic. And I soon found myself quoting passages from the book...This book is excellent! Tip: avoid the audiobook version though because it's basically a robot voice reading it and it's terrible to listen to (as I found out while trying to reread this book recently).

By Peg Dawson and Richard Guare

This book is a fantastic resource about executive functioning and its impact on children. It really explains, in depth, why kids with ADHD learn and respond differently. You definitely want to own the physical copy of this book though so that you can easily reference the worksheets and make notes. Seriously, there's just so much information in this book that you might find yourself overwhelmed by it all.

One thing I didn't like about this book, however, is how it kept telling you about what is coming up later in the book or saying things like "we'll reference this in chapter whatever." It makes the book a bit wordier and kind of annoying some times. Having said that though, there's still lots of great information and examples in this book.

By Susan Ashley

I must admit that I'm always hesitant about books that have huge numbers in the title because I kind of assume that either a) the tips will be kind of sucky or b) the book will be clunky and long to read. But I'm a practical tips and strategies kind of person, so I picked this book on a whim, hoping it would be a good read. 

Well well well...was I ever pleasantly surprised reading this book! In fact, this book was such a breeze to read through and easily digestible. The tips in this book are practical and offer so many different suggestions and strategies to try. The format of the book is fantastic too, making it easy to look up some strategies for specific target areas. 

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ADHD resources for parents: books on ADHD