Monday, April 01, 2019

Free Printable WH Question Word Puzzles

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Free printables for kids

Are you working on teaching your kids about WH question words? These free printable question word puzzles are a great tool to help practice the different WH question words.

If you're busy working on comprehension with your kids, like I have been with my son, then you likely already know how tricky WH questions can be for hyperlexic kids.

These free printable WH question word puzzles are a great way to work on teaching different question words and what they mean. They make a great addition to the question word dice, question word posters, and question word cards.

Free printable WH question word puzzles

About this Free Printable WH Question Word Puzzles

This set of question word puzzles is a great way to work on understanding different WH questions and what they mean.

These puzzles work on the following question words: what, when, who, why, where, how, which, and whose. Simply match the picture to the definition.

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Free printable WH question word puzzles


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Free printables for kids


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