Friday, May 24, 2019

Free Printable Fidget Social Story

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Bright & Quirky presents the Smart but Struggling Master Series>

You're going to love this free printable fidget social story for kids with autism and/or ADHD that talks about what fidgeting is and different fidgeting strategies they can try.

Have a fidgety kid?

Yep, me too!

Well, this free printable fidget social story is written for those fidgety kids like yours and mine. It will help them understand what fidgeting is, why they fidget, what fidget toys are (you can even make your own DIY fidget toys), and other fidgeting strategies and ideas.

Free printable fidget social story for kids with autism and ADHD

About the Free Printable Fidget Toy Social Story

This social story is all about what fidgeting is and some different fidgeting strategies your kids can try. It covers how to ask for a movement or body brain, some strategies and toys they can use when they feel fidgety, and some basic fidget rules.

I highly suggest laminating the social story for durability. You can use binder rings to keep the social story together or store it in a binder. As an alternative to laminating, you could use sheet protectors in a binder. Or if you find yourself printing off lots of social stories, then this binding machine is a lifesaver!

Download the Free Printable Social Story for Fidget Toys

This printable is 10 pages long and includes full color photos. To get your copy, simply click the link below.


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Bright & Quirky presents the Smart but Struggling Master Series


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