Tuesday, August 06, 2019

The Best Ways to Support Siblings of Autistic Children

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Autism sibling support tips for parents.

"So when do you have a special meeting with my teacher, mom?"

It was an innocent question from my youngest son after my husband and I left an IIP (equivalent to an IEP here) meeting for our oldest son.

He genuinely felt left out because we didn't meet with his teacher that day too.

And I can understand why he might have felt that way.

From his perspective, it might be difficult to understand why we have to meet his brother's teacher a couple of extra times to discuss classroom accommodations and concerns, even if we do explain it to him.

All he might see is some level of unfairness going on.

So how do you best support these siblings of autistic children so they don't feel left out or left behind?

Tips for how to support siblings of autistic children

Autism Sibling Support Tips

The tips that I'm sharing over on CBC Parents aren't going to be like other ones you find when you Google "autism sibling support tips."

Trust me on that.

There's lots of simple ways to support your other children, which I will go into in more detail shortly. But, a good starting point is to just start the conversation. Start explaining autism to your kids or talking to your kids about disabilities. You don't have to talk specifically about their sibling having a particular diagnosis yet if you don't want to, but it's still important to have these conversations.

But if you are ready to share their sibling's diagnosis with your other children, this free social story for siblings of autistic children is a great tool to use.

Otherwise, let's dig into those tips over on CBC Parents, okay?

Tips for how to support siblings of autistic children