Wednesday, August 07, 2019

The Best Planet Crafts for Kids Who Love Space

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20 awesome planet and solar system crafts that are perfect for kids who are obsessed with outer space.

We've gone through many phases in our house.

There was a maze phase. A traffic light phase. A Roman numerals phase.

Then there are the interests that come and go...

For my oldest son, space is one of those come and go interests. One day he's absolutely fascinated by all things space related and the next, it's like meh, not interested.

However, many hyperlexic and autistic children have a special interest in outer space. They'll binge read all the books about space they can. They'll insist on dressing like their favorite astronaut for a week straight. And they'll certainly test your knowledge of space as they impress you with fact after fact about Jupiter's moons.

Well, these outer space and planet crafts for kids are perfect for them (even if you still can't name at least one of Jupiter's moons).

Solar system and planet crafts for kids

These Solar System and Planet Crafts are Perfect for Kids Obsessed with Outer Space! 

Below you'll find tons of awesome outer space crafts and planet art projects for kids of all ages and skill levels.

1. Yarn Wrapped Planets Craft (pictured)

2. Black Glue Galaxy Planets Craft from I Heart Crafty Things (pictured)

3. How to Make Slime Planets from The Everyday Mom Life

4. Coffee Filter Planet Suncatchers Craft from Fun-A-Day!

5. Push Light Planets from Play at Home Mom

6. Puffy Planets Art from I Can Teach my Child

7. DIY Solar System Necklace from Ashley Hackshaw aka Lil Blue Boo

8. 3D Paper Planets Mobile Craft from Easy Peasy and Fun (pictured)

9. Space Stained Glass Planet Suncatchers from Adventure in a Box

10. Colorful Tea Light Planets from Journey into Creativity

11. Melted Pony Bead Planets from STEAMsational

12. Marbled Planets from I Heart Crafty Things

13. DIY Outer Space Clay Planet Jewelry from Pink Stripey Socks

14. DIY Solar System Planet Lanterns from Wholesale Party Supplies Blog

15. Classic Paper Mache Planets Craft from Red Ted Art

16. Torn Paper Planets from 3 Dinosaurs

17. Solar System Suncatchers from Someone's Mum

18. Watercolor Planets Art from Rainy Day Mum

19. Fingerprint Planets Craft from Darcy Brian

20. Salt Dough Planet Necklace from Kitchen Counter Chronicles

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Planet crafts for kids who love space