Saturday, August 03, 2019

7 Outer Space Themed Calming Sensory Bottles that are Perfect for Kids with Hyperlexia

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These outer space themed sensory bottles are perfect for kids with autism or hyperlexia who love planets, galaxies, and all things space related. They'll be the perfect calming strategy to add to their calm down kit.

Can your kid rattle off all the names of the moons of different planets?

Or tell you how far away each planet is from Earth?

Or just generally impress you with their knowledge of all things space related?

And meanwhile, I struggle to remember the order of the planets and whether or not I should be including Pluto...

Well, if you have a space-obsessed child, then these space themed sensory bottles are going to be the perfect calming strategy for them. You can add them to your child's calm down kit or heck, why not make an entire space themed calm down bin?!

Calming Bottles for Kids with Autism or Hyperlexia Who Love All Things Space!

Get inspiration for how to make sensory bottles that are inspired by outer space with these awesome calm down bottle ideas. So grab some glitter and a plastic bottle because things are about to get out-of-this-world! I'm so cheesy...I know.

But seriously, I'm referring to the glitter. That stuff gets let's try to keep it contained to these sensory bottles, okay?

1. 3 Ingredient Galaxy Calm Down Bottle from Preschool Inspirations (pictured)

2. Star Wars Light Saber Sensory Bottle from Little Bins for Little Hands

3. Rainbow Galaxy Sensory Bottle from Rhythms of Play

4. Solar System Sensory Bottle from Inspiration Laboratories (pictured)

5. Oil & Water Galaxy Sensory Bottle from Capturing Parenthood

6. Count the Stars Glowing Sensory Bottle from Kids Activities Blog (pictured)

7. Goodnight Moon Sensory Bottle from Simple Play Ideas

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