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12+ Calming Ocean Sensory Bottles for Kids

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Calming ocean sensory bottles for kids. Below you'll find out how to make your own calm down bottles inspired by the ocean.

There's something about watching fish swim around in aquariums. The bubbles rising slowly to the surface. The gentle way they swim back and forth.

It's mesmerizing.

The same goes for waves. They rhythmically crash against the beach, gently spraying a cool mist on your skin.

I get sucked in watching both. There's just something so soothing - so calm - about waves, oceans, and aquariums. And my kids think so too. In fact, we used to make trips to the pet store when they were younger just to watch the different fish swim around in their little tanks.

These ocean calm down bottles for kids capture those soothing aspects and contain them to a bottle your child can actually hold. No real fish necessary. No extra creatures to feed or keep alive, am I right?

DIY ocean calm down bottles for toddlers

Ocean Calm Down Bottles

Give your child a taste of the ocean at home with these beautiful ocean themed sensory bottles. They'll make the perfect addition to your child's calm down corner or anti-anxiety kit. It's so hard to pick a favorite from this list of ideas! They're all so beautiful!

1. Ocean in a Bottle from Happy Hooligans (pictured)

2. Ocean Discovery Bottle from Little Bins for Little Hands

3. Suspended Ocean Creature Discovery Bottle from Preschool Inspirations (pictured)

4. Glittery Ocean in a Bottle from Simple Everyday Mom

5. Shark Sensory Bottle from Stir the Wonder

6. Mini Aquarium in a Bottle from A Little Pinch of Perfect (pictured)

7. Swimming Turtles Discovery Bottle from Sunny Day Family

8. 2 Ocean Sensory Bottles from The Magnolia Mamas

9. Soothing Sea Shells Sensory Bottle from Rhythms of Play

10. Ocean Sensory Bottle from Happy Toddler Playtime

11. Sandy Ocean Sensory Bottle from Simple Play Ideas

12. Shells & Glitter Sensory Bottle from Keep Calm and Mommy On

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Ocean sensory bottles for kids - how to make them for your child's calm down corner


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