Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Christmas Tree Deep Breathing Exercise {Free Printable Poster Included!}

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Looking for some deep breathing exercises to teach the kids? Try this Christmas tree themed technique and grab a copy of the free printable poster too!

You may have decorated the Christmas tree, but have you traced it and practiced deep breathing with it yet?


Well, now you can - HA!

Seriously, the shape of a tree is a perfect way to teach kids how to do deep breathing. You'll love the free printable mindfulness poster that's included below, as it gives a nice visual cue to help kids practice their deep breathing.

Christmas tree themed breathing exercise for kids with free printable poster

A Simple Breathing Exercise for Kids with a Christmas Twist

This Christmas tree breathing is based on the triangle breathing technique, similar to the bell breathing and holly breathing, where you trace a triangle shape while breathing in and out.

Instead of rocking around the Christmas tree, however, you'll be tracing it. Go up to the top of the tree, come back down, and go underneath.

Free deep breathing printable for kids inspired by Christmas

About the Free Printable Christmas Deep Breathing Exercise Poster

This one page printable offers a simple deep breathing technique using a tree theme. I highly recommend laminating the poster for durability.

As for how to do the actual deep breathing technique, simply trace the outside of the tree and follow the instructions. Breathe in. Hold. Breathe out. Repeat.

To get your copy of the printable, simply click the link below.


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Christmas tree deep breathing exercise for kids with free printable mindfulness poster