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30+ Free Digital & No Print Speech Therapy Activities

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Looking for no print speech therapy ideas? Then you'll love this huge list of free digital speech therapy materials for teletherapy or at home practice. There's even free Boom Cards too!

Like a lot of teachers and therapists, you may have found yourself making the switch to teletherapy. And, now, you're on the lookout for digital teletherapy resources that you can use during your sessions.

Sure, you could go ahead and make your own interactive digital resources, but let's be honest, that's a lot of work and effort.

It's also a lot of new skills to learn on top of all the other things you've had to do like pick a video platform for 1-on-1 sessions and learn how to actually use it.

Maybe you've been putting together little printable packets for your clients and using lots of ink to print out those materials. That adds up, doesn't it?

Since I'm all about low cost and free (seriously, I'm ridiculously frugal!), I put together this list of 30+ free no print speech therapy activities that you can use for teletherapy or that parents can use for at home practice.

Once you've downloaded your favorites, just simply screenshare these activities during your Zoom (or similar) chat. What is this screenshare feature, you ask? Read tip #4 here if you're not familiar with it yet.

Free digital speech therapy materials and Boom Cards

20+ Free Digital & No Print Speech Therapy Activities for Teletherapy or At Home Practice

Below you'll find a mixed bag of digital speech therapy activities. There's even one for middle schoolers and a Spanish resource on this list.

Please note you will need a Teachers Pay Teachers account, which is free, to access these freebies. Then you can screenshare them with your clients during a teletherapy session (Zoom works great for this!)

1. No Print Preschool Language Pack Sampler from The Digital SLP

2. Sock Monkey Functions No Print Speech Activity from The Whimsical Word

3. No Print Animal Descriptions from Language Speech and Literacy

4. AAC Core Vocabulary Activities from Speech and Language at Home

5. No Print Summer Language Pack from The Speech Serenade

6. Language Predictions for Middle Schoolers from The Whimsical Word

7. Expressive & Receptive Preschool Language Sampler from Speech Tea

8. No Print Early Language Skills Sample for Working on Comprehension, WH Questions, & Pronouns from Crazy Daisy Speech

9. No Print Speech Therapy Articulation Sample from Renee Brown SLP

10. No Print Listening Rules with Real Photos from Language Speech and Literacy

11. Unicorns No Print Preschool Language Unit from Itty Bitty Speech

12. Summer Fun Pack: Pronouns, Concepts, & Descriptions from Language Speech and Literacy

13. No Prep Articulation B Sound Scenes from Language Speech and Literacy

14. Let's Learn About Animals Interactive Book from Tailor Made for Talking

15. No Print Animal Descriptions & Wh Questions from Language Speech and Literacy

16. Expanding Utterances from Nikki Fries

17. Spanish No Print Prepositions from Talking with Rebecca

18. Expanding Sentences with Real Photos from Language Speech and Literacy

19. Articular Mazes Sampler from Katrina Bevan

20. Summer Articulation Activity from Speech Therapy Plans

21. Speech and Language Summer Interactive Packet from Speech and Language Therapy Care

22. Speech Therapy Articulation Drill for B Sound from Renee Brown SLP

10+ Free Boom Cards for Speech Therapy

Boom Cards seem really cool. I haven't used them myself yet as I just learned about them a handful of weeks ago. But they're essentially like little mini apps that are self correcting. Here are some free speech therapy Boom Cards to try out.

Please note that you will require both a Teachers Pay Teachers account and a Boom Cards account to access these free resources.

1. Speech Stacks Initial /r/ Articulation Boom Cards from Stacy Crouse

2. R Sound Self-Monitoring Boom Cards from GoldieTalks Speech

3. Build-a-Kid Articulation Boom Cards for Initial /r/ from Speech Your Mind

4. Feed the Animals /f/ Sounds Boom Cards from The Speech Zone

5. S & Z Word Sort Articulation Boom Cards from GoldieTalks Speech

6. Animal Adjectives Boom Cards from Stacy Crouse

7. Sentence Scramble Boom Cards from Allison Fors

8. Object Functions Boom Cards from Cara Brennan

9. Ninja Themed Before/After Directions Boom Cards from The Speech Ninja

10. Context Clues Using Nonsense Words Boom Cards from Speech Time Fun

11. Phonemic Awareness Boom Cards from Ashley Rossi

If you need more ideas, remember you always take your favorite PDFs and make them interactive right in Zoom. Learn how here.

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Free no print speech therapy materials and Boom Cards that you can use for teletherapy or Zoom meetings