Thursday, April 16, 2020

Fun Backgrounds for Zoom That Kids Will Love!

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Looking for fun Zoom virtual backgrounds for kids? From Disney to Pixar to Harry Potter, there's lots of fun backgrounds for Zoom below that the kids will love.

In these Zoom engagement tips, I mentioned the idea of trying themed video chats with kids by using virtual backgrounds.

Well, using the virtual background feature as a teacher or therapist is a great way to hook or engage a child into the Zoom meeting, especially if you pick a background that aligns with that child's special interests, passions, or "obsessions."

For example, if you're working with a hyperlexic kid over Zoom, then you might want to try an alphabet background.

Or, if you're a parent, then your kids can use these fun backgrounds for Zoom for kids to showcase their personality to their classmates and friends.

Fun Zoom virtual backgrounds for kids

Fun Zoom Virtual Backgrounds that the Kids Will Love!

These virtual backgrounds can likely be used on other platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, but Zoom is what I use and love and what I'm familiar with.

Anyway, here is the list of fun Zoom meeting backgrounds to try with your kids:

1. Disney Backgrounds

2. Pixar Backgrounds

3. Disney Princesses Backgrounds

4. Disney Parks Backgrounds

5. Harry Potter Backgrounds

6. Nickelodeon Backgrounds

7. LEGO Video Backgrounds

8. Sesame Street Backgrounds

9. DreamWorks Trolls Backgrounds

10. Thomas & Friends Backgrounds

11. Frozen The Musical Backgrounds

12. Teen Titans Go Background (my kids love this show at the moment!)

13. We Bare Bears Background (my kids were obsessed with this show for a long time!)

14. Animal Backgrounds from Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

You can always just search for themed wallpapers to use too. Maybe Mario? Or Pokemon? Or Minecraft?

Or you could always try creating your own on Canva! Canva is a great free service that has tons of Zoom backgrounds and templates ready to try. I use Canva for all the social media images on my blog and their Zoom backgrounds look pretty awesome.

How to Use Virtual Backgrounds on Zoom

Once you've picked out a virtual background, I guess you want to know how to actually use it, right? Here's how to use virtual backgrounds in Zoom:

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