Monday, April 20, 2020

Free Google Slides Deck to Teach the 5 Senses Grounding Technique

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Looking for digital no print options for teaching mindfulness during teletherapy, remote learning, or in Zoom meetings? Then try this free Google Slides deck that teaches kids about the 5 senses grounding technique.

If you're looking for a digital no print option for working on mindfulness with your students or clients in Zoom meetings or teletherapy, then you're in luck. This free Google Slides mindfulness deck teaches kids how to use the 5 senses grounding technique and compliments the free printables found here and here.

It walks kids through doing the grounding technique and gives them the language they need to verbalize the different steps.

Free Google Slides activity for teaching mindfulness to kids

How to Use this Free Mindfulness Slide Deck for Teletherapy & Zoom Meetings

This digital mindfulness slide deck is adapted from the free printable cards and free printable poster.

It is designed to be used within a Zoom meeting (or similar platform) using the screenshare function while you guide your client or student through the mindfulness exercise.

Simply open up the slide deck before your meeting. Then, when you are in screensharing mode in Zoom, you can click the present button in Google Slides to show the slideshow full screen.

It is also a great resource to send to your students or clients to practice at home on a computer, tablet, or phone. They can open up the slide deck and follow along on their own.

You could probably try it in a Google Classroom too. Not 100% sure though as I have very little experience with the platform myself. So if you try it, let me know if it works okay or not. Thanks!

*Please note that you won't be able to make a copy or edit this slide deck. And please don't request edit access. My inbox doesn't need to be flooded with emails more than it already is. Besides, I won't approve requests anyway.*

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Free Google Slides activity for teaching mindfulness and the 5 senses grounding technique to kids

Free Google Slides activity for teaching mindfulness and the 5 senses grounding technique to kids