Monday, April 19, 2021

Impulse Control Games for Kids that are Quick & Easy to Play

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10+ fun impulse control games for kids to work on self control and impulsivity.

Kids are impulsive and impatient. So are lots of adults, I know. But it's still important to learn a bit of self control. And that's where this list of impulse control games for kids comes in.

Thankfully, lots of classic childhood games are perfect for working on this skill. Below you'll see just how easy incorporating impulse control games into your day can be. Hint: you're probably already playing some of these with your kids. 

Want to teach your kids self control? Try these impulse control games!

Fun Impulse Control Games for Kids

1. Red Light, Green Light - The classic traffic light game where you move forward when someone says green light and immediately stop when someone says red light.

2. Simon Says - Perform the action that the leader calls out, but only when they say Simon Says first.

3. Hide & Seek - Sometimes the best thing to do is stick with classic games like hide and seek to work on impulse control. Have you seen how hard it is for kids to stay quiet while hiding? It's hard and requires lots of self control.

4. Freeze Dance - Turn on the music and dance, but freeze when the music stops.

5. Drum Games - Two different ways to use a drum for self control games.

6. Follow the Leader - Everyone has to copy what action the leader is performing even though the leader is constantly changing throughout the entire game.

7. Board Games & Card Games - Games like JengaTaco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, and Slamwich are fun games for working on impulse control.

8. Quiet Contest - No talking allowed! The first one to make a sound or talk loses. Who will stay quiet the longest? This game may or may not be one of my favorite games to challenge my kids to...

9. Wait Five - Ask your child a question, but then they have to wait 5 full seconds before they're allowed to respond. It's a great game for checking your child's impulse control.

10. Mother May I? - A game where you ask the leader if you can perform a certain action (like clap your hands three times, take two steps, etc.) and the leader decides whether you can or not. If they say yes, you can do the action, but if they say no, you can't. This game also works on many different social areas: asking questions, using manners, etc. 

11. Don't Laugh Game - You take turns trying to make another person laugh and your goal is to not laugh when it's their turn to make you laugh. Self control games like this are hard for a lot of kids and they'll erupt into giggles in no time.

12. The Marshmallow Test - This awesome game is the ultimate waiting game! To play, you put one marshmallow on a plate in front of your child and tell them you're leaving the room to finish a task and that they need to wait for you to return before they can eat it. If they wait, they'll get a second marshmallow. Will they eat it? Or will they wait? 

The best impulse control games for kids

What other fun impulse control games for kids would you add to this list?

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Want to teach your kids self control? Try one of these impulse control games for kids!