Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Free Mario Math Games, Activities, & Worksheets for Kids

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Know a Mario Bros. fan who also loves numbers? Try one of these free Mario math games for a bit of extra math practice!

My kids love all things Nintendo and Mario. I don't think that's a secret here. It's almost as if my love for video games and Super Mario World (which is my all time favorite video game ever!) has rubbed off on them. Insert evil laughter like Mr. Burns here. Muhahaha. So that's totally a parenting success, in my eyes.

It's also no secret that I believe in encouraging and following your hyperlexic child's interests. And for my son J, those interests mean math and Mario. And they have for a very long time. 

In fact, lately J has been into playing a bunch of the old Mario games. Even some of the ones that I've never played! He's just working his way through the whole Super Mario games catalog, I guess.

Anyway, since I know a lot of other older hyperlexic kids like him end up having an interest in Nintendo and Mario, I thought I'd share some fun math Mario games, activities, and printable activity packets. That way you can keep following their interests too.

Mario math games, activities, & worksheets for kids inspired by classic Super Mario video games!

Mario Math Games, Activities, & Worksheets that the Kids Will Love!

Below you will find tons of fun Super Mario math games and printable Super Mario math activities for a wide variety of skills and grade levels. Please note that some of these require having a Teachers Pay Teachers account, which is free. 

1. Super Mario Scrabble Math Game

2. Mario Bros Themed Color by Number 100s Charts & Pixel Art from Suzy Homeschooler

3. Two Digit Multiplication Mario Bros Mystery Picture (Google Sheets Activity) from Jessica Monteiro on Teachers Pay Teachers

4. Super Mario Patterns from Teachers Helping Other Teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers - Great for really little ones.

5. Pixel Mario Paint by Result Using Multiplication from Karen Ibarra on Teachers Pay Teachers

6. Super Mario Counting Quarters Money Google Slides Activity from Resource Lane on Teachers Pay Teachers

7. Paint by Simple Arithmetic Mario Worksheet from Tristanjones on TES

8. Super Mario Dilations for Grades 6 to 8 from Kurt Salisbury on Teachers Pay Teachers

9. Super Mario Bros. Themed Two Digit Addition & Subtraction with Regrouping from Josanne Skipper on Teachers Pay Teachers

10. Mario Mushroom Mystery Picture Coordinate Graphing in 4 Quadrants from Mathporium on Teachers Pay Teachers

11. Mario Bros Multiplication Tables Poster from Materiales Zany on Teachers Pay Teachers - Not a game per se, but thought it was useful to include here.

12. Mario's Mushroom Maths Activity from lmcavendish on TES

13. Pixel Super Mario Coloring Sheets from Coloring Squared

14. Super Mario Addition Gamesheet from Burke's Boutique on Teachers Pay Teachers

If your kids love Mario as much as mine do, which they probably do (I mean why else are you still reading this?), then I just know that they're going to love these other Mario math games, activities, and printables too.

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Mario math games, activities, & worksheets for kids