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Free Visual Aids for Anger Management

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Awesome free visual aids for anger management resources for kids and teens.

Most kids deal with intense emotions at some point. Heck, even I do some days. Okay, most days...

Anyway, anger is a natural and healthy emotion. One that kids can easily learn to manage and cope. If not, anger is one of those big emotions that can easily become problematic or destructive. And quickly. Think hitting, biting, screaming, kicking, slapping, scratching, self-harm...those sorts of things. Probably things you're already familiar with, right? 

You likely need help with this whole parenting kids with big explosive emotions. I mean why else are you here reading this right now?

Well, that's where these free visual aids for anger management come in. 

The following freebies focus on helping kids deal specifically with anger. If you need something more general and that covers more emotions, then there's tons of coping strategies and printables here.

Seriously, visuals are the best. They help kids in so many ways, not just when it comes to dealing with their emotions. They help with everything (and anything!).

Free visual aids for anger management for kids

This list of anger management visuals was last updated on March 20, 2024. New free resources were added and dead/broken links were removed.

Free Visual Aids for Anger Management

Below you will find a variety of visual aids to help kids manage their anger, including written scripts, posters, bookmarks, and social stories. Some of the following do require a Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) account (which is free to create) in order to download.

1. Free Printable When I am Frustrated/Angry Social Scripts - These written scripts were created with hyperlexic learners in mind because writing things down is key! These scripts can be a great tool for managing their anger because it gives example phrases for them to say when they are angry.

2. Free Poster: 5 Quick Ways to Manage Anger - Every calm down corner and calm down kit should include some anger management tools such as this poster. Kids can reference it for ideas on how to cope with their anger in healthy ways.

3. Free Video Game Controller Coping Skills Posters - Is your kid into video games? They can use one of these to create a poster listing different ways to stay in control when they're feeling angry.

4. Free Social Stories About Hitting - Some kids might be tempted to hit, bite, or get aggressive when they're angry. Use these social stories to teach kids about why it's not okay to hit and what they can do instead to manage their anger.

5. Free Anger Volcano Visual from Printable Parents - A cute visual that shows different levels of anger from annoyed to furious and exploding. It's a great way to help kids visualize their own emotional response.

6. Behind Anger Wheel from WholeHearted School Counseling on TPT - Sometimes anger can be hiding something else that might be going on. This anger emotions wheel shows some other different emotions or feelings to consider. Other emotions that might be contributing to your child's anger.

7. How Big is Your Anger? Visual from Kidlutions - This printable will help kids visualize the size of their anger response as well as their problem.

8. Quick ANGER Assessment Poster from Ariel C. Williams on TPT - Using the acronym ANGER, this visual aid gives older kids a framework to assess and manage their anger. 

9. Anger Control Bookmarks from Emotional Intelligence Downloads on TPT - These bookmarks have different strategies for managing and coping with anger. They're perfect tools for kids who like to read a lot.

10. Cool Down Strategy Poster with 6 Anger Strategies from Coloring Corner on TPT - A poster with six anger strategies, paired with a simple illustration for each.

11. When I'm Mad, I Can...Visual from Haley Kampf on TPT - Another poster with six anger strategies. Each strategy has some clipart to support it.

12. Anger Stoplight Poster from Tutsy Asmus on TPT - My son had a huge interest in traffic lights when he was younger so this poster would have been right up his alley! On it, you'll find strategies for stopping in your tracks, strategies for thinking about your anger, and strategies for things to do instead.

Need Help Teaching Your Child About Anger? Grab this Social Story!

Remember, to help your child understand anger, it's also important to teach your child what anger is and what it looks like in the body. Thankfully, teaching your kid all about anger is easy with this anger social story

While this social story isn't free, it is a helpful tool to build your child's emotional intelligence. It easily explains what anger is and uses full color photos. It also includes a space for your child to write down their favorite strategies to use when coping with anger. You're going to love it!

Anger social story for kids

Get your copy of the Anger Social Story now!

This social story will definitely be a great complement to any of the free visual aids for anger management listed above.

Free visual aids for anger management for kids & teens