Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Free Printable Ghost Themed Emotion Clip Cards

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These Halloween themed emotion clip cards are a great way to work on emotions and build fine motor skills. Each card features an adorable ghost emoji that kids will love.

There are lots of different ways to teach kids about emotions this Halloween. You could use a pumpkin emotion chart to help your child identify how they're feeling. You could also practice drawing different emotions using Frankenstein's monster. Or you could play a game or two using adorable candy corn emojis.

Another idea is to practice connecting the correct emotion word to different emojis using emotion clip cards. 

And that's where these free printable ghost themed emotion clip cards come in.

Free printable ghost themed emotion clip cards for kids - a great fine motor and emotions activity for Halloween!

About these Ghost Themed Emotion Clip Cards

These clip cards are great for building fine motor skills while learning about emotions. It's simply boo-tiful when an activity can target multiple skills like this one does.

All your child needs to do is look at the ghost emoji on the card and then find the corresponding emotion word that goes with it. They can select from one of three options. Then they simply clip a clothespin onto the correct word.

I highly recommend laminating these clip cards before using them. They'll be much more durable that way. Here's the laminator I use and love.

Download the Free Printable Emotion Clip Cards

This three page printable contains 12 clip cards. Each card shows a ghost emoji and three possible emotion words. 

To get a copy of this printable, click the link below:

>> Click here to download the free printable

Want More Ideas for Teaching Emotions With Ghosts?

This printable is a free sample from the Ghost Themed Emotions Pack. If you love this activity and this theme, then grab a copy of the full emotions pack below.

Ghost themed emotions pack for kids

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Free printable ghost themed emotion clip cards for kids - a great fine motor and emotions activity for Halloween!