Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Awesome Christmas Fidgets & Stim Toys for Kids

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Looking for some stocking stuffers or putting together a Christmas calm down kit? Try these Christmas fidgets for kids!

Christmas time is stressful for many. Anxiety is usually at an all time high because of changes in routines and schedules. Sensory overload is also more common due to all the lights and decorations and blaring Christmas tunes. Without some kind of coping mechanisms or calm down tools in place, many kids (adults too!) can struggle to get through this season.

One thing you can do is create a Christmas themed calm down kit with Christmas social stories, visual aids, Christmas sensory bottles, and some of these awesome Christmas fidgets below.

Or you can just use these fidget toys for Christmas stocking stuffers too. 

Either way, these fidgets can be a lifesaver for many during the busyness and anxiety that this season brings.

Stim & fidget toys for Christmas

Christmas Pop It Fidgets

Perhaps the most popular type of fidget at the moment are pop its or dimple fidgets. They're similar to popping bubble wrap, which is super satisfying. They also make a small popping sound as you press the dimples. 

Pop it fidgets also happen to come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can get bracelet style ones, keychain ones, or really huge ones. So there is bound to be design that appeals to your child (or yourself).

Here are some Christmas themed pop it fidgets to check out:

Christmas Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners were huge years ago, similar to how pop it fidgets are now. So it's not surprising that most fidget spinners these days also include the pop bubbles in them as well. It's like the best of both worlds, I guess.

So if you enjoy spinning objects and popping bubble wrap, then you might like a Christmas fidget spinner. You can grab a 3 pack of Christmas fidget spinners here (pictured below).

Reversible Sequins Fidgets for Christmas

Reversible sequins fabric is great for stimming with. Not only is it great for tactile sensory seekers, but it's also great for visual input too. You can swipe the fabric one way and the design and colors change. Swipe it the other way and it returns to the original design and color.

Now while these fidgets are generally larger in size, they do make a great addition to a calm down area or corner. Here are a couple of Christmas items that use reversible sequins and would be great for fidgeting with:

Christmas Fidget Putty

If sensory doughs or slimes are more of your thing to fidget with, then some kind of silly putty or theraputty will be right up your alley. Here are a couple of Christmas themed fidget putties that you can try:

Infinity Cube Fidgets for Christmas

Another great fidget toy is an infinity cube. These fidgets have cubes that can be folded in on themselves forever and ever and ever. They kind of look like Rubik's cubes at first glance. But since it's Christmastime, try this 4 pack of Christmas themed infinity cubes that are pictured below.

Christmas Popper Toys

I've seen lots of speech therapists incorporate these popper toys into their sessions and I've seen occupational therapists use them to build hand strength. But they're also just a great fidget in general. The satisfying squeeze. The sound of the ball popping out. What's not to love?

So if you'd like to try a popper toy as a Christmas fidget, try one of these:

Sensory Chewable Necklaces for Christmas

My son chews on everything, especially when he's anxious. And Christmas time is definitely a time of heightened anxiety. So I couldn't write about Christmas fidgets without mentioning at least one chewy. Besides you can even find cute Christmas themed ones like this Christmas tree chewable necklace (pictured below).

Christmas Squishies & Stress Ball Type Fidgets

Stress balls are always a classic fidget option. However, there are also these really cool squishy ones now that are tons of fun. Some even come scented, by the way. There are also stress balls that are filled with water beads, which provide another interesting texture to fidget with. So here are some Christmas fidgets you might want to check out:

Other Christmas Fidgets & Stim Toy Ideas

Of course there are lots of other ideas you could consider like red and green pop tubes, red and green glow sticks, a snow globe, etc. that would be perfect as a Christmas fidget or stim toy. If you're more of a visual shopper, you can find all of the ideas above on my Amazon shop page. See the full list of Christmas fidgets and stim toys here.

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