IEP & Advocacy Resources for Parents

Tips on how to advocate for your child plus IEP information and resources for parents.

The one thing I never anticipated as a parent was how passionate I would become about advocating. As frustrating and exhausting as it can be, it is also extremely rewarding. So whether you are new to advocating or you are a seasoned veteran, the resources found here are designed to encourage you while giving you practical tips and advice to help navigate the systems around you.

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IEP & Advocacy Tips for Parents

It doesn't matter where you are in your advocacy journey, my hope is that you will find the IEP resources and advocacy tips below helpful.

Supports & Accommodations

Knowing how to advocate for your child is only part of the picture. You also need to know what kind of supports and accommodations your child may need. Below you will find information on how to best support and accommodate your child.

Other Useful Resources

These resources are designed to help you stay organized and teach you how to best advocate, support, and accommodate your child.



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