Autism Safety Resources

Looking for autism safety resources so you can come up with an autism safety plan? Then look no further than this list of safety precautions for autism.

You're not alone if you have wondered, How can I keep my autistic child safe?

It's a valid concern when your child has no sense of danger and/or poor impulse control.

These resources will help you put safety precautions in place for your autistic child so that you can make an autism safety plan.

Autism safety tips and resources to help keep a child with autism safe

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Create an Autism Safety Plan with these Helpful Autism Safety Tips

From aggressive behavior to head banging to elopement, there are lots of safety concerns that parents face when it comes to raising and parenting autistic children. These resources are designed to help you better understand what's going on so that you can come up with an effective safety plan.

Printable Autism Safety Resources

Need printable visual supports to help with keeping your child safe? Or social stories to teach personal safety (including consent)? Then you'll love these printable autism safety resources.

Autism safety tips and resources for parents