Flag & Geography Activities for Kids

Are world flags and geography a passion or interest for your child? Then check out these awesome flag and world geography activities for kids. You'll find printables and hands-on activity ideas.

While most hyperlexic kids start off with an intense passion for letters and numbers, they do eventually move on to other topics. I know that might be hard to believe since it seems like it will be letters and numbers all day, every day for forever...

But one popular or common interest that hyperlexic kids move to next is world flags and geography.

Yep, you better be prepared to learn all about different flags and know the capitals of different countries just so you can keep up.

And you might as well start looking for geography or flags of the world for kids related videos on YouTube. I mean it's likely going to happen anyway, but you might as well compile a playlist now rather than later. After all, it won't be long before geography videos come up in your "recommended for you" section...

Seriously though, if you're looking for flag and world geography activities for kids, then you're in the right spot. Below you will find lots of printable resources, games, and activities to (hopefully) keep your hyperlexic child busy.

Flag & world geography activities for kids

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World Flags for Kids: Fun Flag Activities for Preschoolers & Beyond!

Whether your kid is just passionate about flags or you're simply looking for flag day activities, you're going to love all of these different printables and hands-on activities for kids.

You might notice there are lots of Canadian flag activities below. That's because I'm Canadian. However, you can easily adapt these activities for other world flags. Get creative!

World Geography Activities for Kids

Is your child passionate about geography like a lot of hyperlexic kids are? Or are you just looking for geography activities for preschoolers or elementary aged kids as part of a school unit? Then you'll love these printable geography activities for kids. 

Theses fun geography resources cover a variety of different skills such as math, writing, or vocabulary, all while learning about geography. They're great for school geography lessons, homeschooling, or just a supplemental activity to feed your child's thirst for knowledge at home or after school.

Awesome Flag & Geography Books for Kids

Reading more their thing? Highly likely if they're hyperlexic, right? Well, here are some awesome books about flags, maps, and geography that they might enjoy as recommended by other parents of hyperlexic kids.

Flag & world geography activities for kids