Creative Magnatiles Ideas the Kids Will Love

Looking for fun magnatiles ideas for kids? Well, then you're going to love these fun activities using magnetic building tiles!

I am pretty sure that I could purge our playroom of all toys, except for our Magna-Tiles, and the kids would still think they have the best playroom around. That's because of all the toys that we have ever owned, Magna-Tiles have been played with the most. My kids absolutely adore them!

Many hours have been spent building structures and towers out of Magna-Tiles over the years, but we have also used them to explore math, science, and creativity. Here are some of our favorite Magnatiles ideas and creations.

Magna tiles building ideas

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Magna Tiles: Are They Worth the Price?

My hyperlexic son has never been interested in building towers with regular blocks. Instead, all building blocks were turned into letters or numbers. Other building block sets were also frustrating to him, especially LEGO. So yes, I was hesitant to purchase a set of magnetic tiles for these reasons.

The other downside is that magnetic tiles are expensive.

Yet, I kept hearing great things about them and ended up splurging on a 100 piece set of clear colors. And I am so glad that I did because they get played with more than any other toy in our house. They are played with nearly every single day, which is why we now have two full sets...

However, I think my favorite thing about Magna-Tiles is that they are easy to build with. They just stick together! But if you need further convincing, here are 7 reasons why Magna-Tiles are a must have toy.

Now, there are lots of other magnetic tiles brands out there. We personally haven't tried other brands of magnetic tiles, but regardless of the brand you pick, they are 100% worth the investment.

Magnatiles Ideas the Kids Will Love!

There are so many fun things to make or do with magnetic building tiles, especially if you have the clear colors set. The clear colored tiles are perfect for exploring with light, including building in natural light or using them on the light table. 

Here are some of the awesome magnatiles magnet creations and activities that my kids have done over the years. We have explored light, math, science, and so much more using magnetic tiles.

Magna Tiles Printables

Need more inspiration and magnatiles ideas? Well, grab your magnetic tiles - whether they are Magna-Tiles, Picasso Tiles, or Connetix Tiles - and use these printable magnetic tiles idea cards, patterns, and designs to inspire even more learning and fun.

Magna-Tiles: Which Set of Magnetic Tiles Should You Get?

We have both the 100 piece set of clear colors and the 100 piece set of solid colors, but there are other options available. There are also other brands of magnetic tiles. I only have experience with the Magna-Tiles brand and they are simply fantastic!

I personally prefer the clear colors versus the solid colors for two reasons. First, the clear colors are more versatile and can be used for natural light and light table play. Second, I find the solid colors kind of ugly, to be honest. But my kids still adore them! I just find them less attractive than the clear colors. Completely a personal preference.

There are also other sets available like the Manga-Tiles House Set, ice set, and various expansion sets. They have come out with some really cool sets since we first purchased our magnetic building tiles.

How Many Magnetic Tiles Should You Get?

In terms of how many magnetic tiles you'll need, it really depends on how many kids will likely play with them at one time and what your budget is. Personally, I found that one set of 100 pieces didn't go far between my two boys, which is why we ended up getting a second set of 100 pieces. 

Regardless of what set of magnetic building tiles you own or decide to purchase, your kids are going to love the magnatiles ideas shown above.

Magna-Tiles 100 piece set of clear colors

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Magna-Tiles 100 piece set of solid colors

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Magnatiles ideas and activities for kids of all ages - lots of easy ideas for toddlers too!