Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Mirror Drawing Activity for Kids

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You'll love this spring inspired mirror drawing activity for kids. It's great for toddlers and preschoolers!

Spring is finally in the air! We've been able to spend plenty of time outdoors, which means the boys have been sleeping better from all the fresh air (score!). However, the flowers are far from blooming. So I decided that we needed to bring a little spring indoors and do some kind of flower or spring activity.  

I thought it would be fun to do a spring twist on this Valentine's themed mirror play activity that we did a couple of months ago. You know, swap the red hearts for some pastels and some flowers.

The result was this lovely spring mirror drawing activity

Spring mirror drawing invitation to play for kids

Spring Mirror Drawing Activity: What You'll Need

Here's what we used for this mirror play and drawing activity:

  • Small rectangular mirror - Ours are 11" x 14" and I found them at the dollar store for $1.25 each
Simply set out all of the materials. If you'd like, you can create a small scene on the mirrors to inspire your kids. That's what I did (see below), but this step is totally optional.

Spring mirror drawing for kids

Your Kids are Going to Love Drawing on Mirrors!

My oldest son started off by imitating the small scene I created for him. He drew a couple of extra plant stems. Then he added some extra butterflies, happily counting them as he added them to the mirror.

Child drawing on mirrors

Of course, every spring scene needs some....numbers? Wait a that right? For J, yes. His spring scene was surrounded by random strings of numbers and a few addition sentences, which is just so him. That's his hypernumeracy at play. Gotta add numbers and quantify everything around here!

J also added some grass to his mirror drawing. Surprisingly, he didn't count each blade as he drew them...

Child drawing on mirrors as part of a spring invitation to create

Close up of spring drawings and mirror play for kids

J's finished product is very pretty with all of the butterflies, plants, and numbers. Looks very springy to me!

Close up of a finished spring mirror drawing for kids

I figured that my youngest son K would just be interested in dumping the buttons over and over and not really show an interest in drawing on the mirrors. But boy oh boy, was I ever wrong! I have never seen him into an activity like this, but he thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I've never seen him so interested in drawing and coloring before. It was so cute to watch him lean in so close while he colored. He was so focused on what he wanted to draw and quite purposeful with his mark making. He definitely had a plan in mind for his mirror drawing and was determined to make it come to life.

Young child drawing on mirrors with window markers

Young child drawing on mirrors with window markers as part of a spring themed invitation to play

Child doodling on a mirror as part of spring drawing activity

Young child drawing on a mirror for a spring activity

Child drawing on mirrors with window markers

Initially, he had a lot of loose parts on his mirror. Eventually, though, he cleared most of them off his entire drawing. His final picture might not look like much to others, I'm sure, but it's all about the process here, not the end product. I was so mesmerized by how focused he was on this activity that I am rather proud of his end product. Just look at all those purposeful marks he made!

Spring drawing on a mirror done by a young child

And that's it for our spring mirror drawing activity. Hopefully you give it a try!

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Spring mirror drawing activity for kids: a simple mirror invitation to play for toddlers and preschoolers