Monday, October 07, 2019

Free Halloween Social Stories

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Free Halloween social stories for kids with autism about trick or treating, wearing a costume, carving a pumpkin, and more!

Halloween can be an extremely overwhelming holiday for autistic kids and/or kids with sensory processing issues.

The thought of wearing a costume or seeing others dressed up can be enough to cause a sensory meltdown. And others may get anxious about the trick or treating aspect.

Combine that with eating copious amounts of sugar and well, it could be a disaster!

Thankfully, there are lots of free printable Halloween social stories for kids with autism that are available.

Using social stories, like the ones listed below, can help these kids learn what is expected and get used to the idea of dressing up, going trick or treating, or even handing out candy at home.

Free printable and video social stories for Halloween

Free Printable Halloween Social Stories for Kids

1. Carving a Pumpkin Social Story - A detailed account of how to carve jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.

2. Trick-or-Treating Social Story - I collaborated with my friend Renae to make this insanely thorough social story for Halloween. We tried to cover as many safety and sensory issues that may arise while trick-or-treating.

3. What to Expect on Halloween: Handing Out Candy Social Story from Positively Autism - This 11 page social story focuses on the topic of handing out candy on Halloween.

4. Halloween Trick or Treating at School Social Story from Autism Tank - If your kids will be trick or treating at school, then this one page social story will be perfect for them to learn the rules and expectations.

5. Trick or Treating Social Story from Communication Station - This social story is quite detailed and busy, but still has lots of great information about going trick or treating.

6. Trick or Treating Social Story from Chit Chat and Small Talk - A simple two page social story with visuals for each step. A bit basic, but still helpful.

7. Halloween Social Stories from The Success Box - This pack includes a six page social story about trick or treating, a one page social story about carving a pumpkin, and a few other visuals to help with Halloween.

8. Halloween Social Story from Mosswood Connections - This one page fill in the blank style social story looks great. It also includes a template for making a Halloween schedule for your kids, which could be quite handy as well!

9. Halloween Social Story: Going Trick or Treating from Twinkl - This social story is available to be edited so you can customize it. You do have to be a member of Twinkl in order to download it though.

10. All About Halloween Social Story from Twinkl - This social story looks quite detailed and has a lot of text. Again, you have to be a member of Twinkl in order to download it.

11. Halloween Social Stories Pack from Erin from Creating and Teaching - This pack includes two handy social stories and some other goodies. You will need a Teachers Pay Teachers account to download it.

12. On Halloween Night Social Story from TLC Talk Shop - This social story looks really cute! You will need a Teachers Pay Teachers account to download it.

13. Halloween Trick or Treat Social Story from Madame Jennifer - A super simple one page social story that can be cut and assembled into a little book. You will need a Teachers Pay Teachers account to download it.

14. Trick or Treat Social Story from Miss McKnight's World - This 11 page social story looks really great. You will need a Teachers Pay Teachers account to download it.

15. Trick or Treat Social Story from Transparent Me Blogging Resources - A 21 page social story that looks pretty thorough and uses black and white clipart.

Video & Slideshow Halloween Social Stories for Kids

Here's a simple, but cute social story about trick or treating on Halloween:

Here's another simple video social story. The music is a bit overwhelming and weird, so if your child has auditory processing issues, just turn the sound down or off.