Tuesday, January 16, 2018

50 Sensory Diet Activities

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Looking to spice up your child's sensory diet program with quick and easy sensory activities? This list of sensory diet activities is perfect for your sensory seeking child!

When raising autistic kids or kids with sensory processing disorder, you often hear the phrase sensory diet mentioned. You know that incorporating sensory diet activities into your child's day makes a huge difference in their day-to-day life. Or at least I know we have!

Yet, it can be tricky to fit all the sensory activities your child needs into their day or even trickier to find the right sensory diet activities for your child.

This list of 50 easy sensory diet activities, however, will show you that you don't need to pick complicated activities and that many of the daily activities you likely already do, fit the bill for a good sensory diet activity.

List of 50 easy sensory diet activities for kids from And Next Comes L

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List of 50 Easy Sensory Diet Activities

Finding sensory diet activities shouldn't be complicated or use a lot of fancy materials. In fact, most of these activities are things you either already do at home or they are easy enough to do right at home with materials you have on hand. Yes, these are sensory diet activities for home!

And even if you have little ones at home, most of these activities are the perfect sensory diet activities for toddlers too!

This list of activities includes activities to provide all types of sensory input. From vestibular and proprioceptive to oral motor and auditory, this list is a great starting point to help your child get the sensory input they need.

1. Swing

Sensory swing

2. Roll like a log, in a blanket like a burrito, or down a hill

3. Hang upside down off of a couch or monkey bars

4. Ride a bike, scooter, or similar

5. Walk across a balance beam, stand on a balance board, or stand on a balance cushion

6. Spin

7. Do a handstand

8. Sit on something wobbly like a wobble stool, exercise ball, or balance cushion

9. Jump on a trampoline, bed, cushions, or similar

10. Hop like a kangaroo or using a hopper ball

11. Finger paint

12. Play with scented dough, sensory bin fillers, or similar

13. Draw with scented markers

14. Play with a sensory bin

Soap foam sensory bin

15. Get a massage

16. Listen to music, audiobooks, or nature sounds

17. Make a sensory path or walkway

18. Climb through a sensory tunnel

19. Bake cookies or bread

20. Brush skin

21. Play with textured balls

23. Rock in a rocking chair

24. Play auditory hide and seek with a musical toy

26. Crash into a crash mat or pile of pillows
27. Wear tight or snug fitting clothing like compression clothes or pressure vest

28. Blow bubbles in water using as straw

29. Sit with a weighted blanket or cushion across your lap or use a weighted vest

30. Play and knead play dough, putty, slime, or similar

31. Take a shower or a bath

32. Chew gum

33. Rub on scented lotion
34. Blow bubbles

blowing bubbles

35. Do animal walks

36. Go on a sound scavenger hunt
37. Do yoga

38. Climb into a body sock

Playing with a body sock

39. Go swimming

40. Blow dandelions, pinwheels, or a small instrument like a whistle or harmonica

42. Look at sensory bottles, lava lamps, kaleidoscope, or similar

43. Climb a tree, or on a ladder, rope ladder, rock wall, playground equipment, or similar

44. Take a scented bubble bath

46. Sleep with stretchy bed sheets

48. Play in the dark with flashlights or glow sticks

50. Lay on an exercise ball or have someone roll it across your body

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