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Scented Sensory Activities for Kids

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Simple and fun scented sensory ideas for kids, including engaging scented sensory bins, scented cloud dough recipes, and more!

When it comes to sensory play, most people just think about sensory bins and materials to touch and explore with the hands.

However, sensory play can mean anything that engages any of the senses.

Below you will find a collection of sensory activities for kids that engage the sense of smell, as well as the sense of touch. Some of these olfactory sensory play ideas smell like food such as chocolate or citrus fruits, while others are designed to provide a calming effect by using lavender as the scent.

Scented sensory activities for kids

Scented Sensory Play Activities for Kids

Sensory bins are great for engaging all the senses, so why not kick things up a notch by adding a bit of olfactory sensory input too. With a dash of essential oil or some sprinkles of spices, you can literally transform your child's favorite sensory bins in a matter of seconds.

Here are some wonderful scented sensory bin ideas for kids to try.

1. Cinnamon Soap Foam - One of my favorite sensory bin fillers, especially when paired with tractors or similar, simply because it looks like sandy in texture.

2. Chocolate Soap Foam - It's almost good enough to eat, but don't. Eating soap is gross. Blech.

3. Lavender Slime - Stretchy as can be, this calming lavender slime is so lovely.

4. Lavender Soap Foam - Soap foam is easily one of my favorite sensory bin fillers because it's super calming (at least for me!), but add some lavender to make it irresistible to play with.

5. Lemon Play Dough - While we were aiming for lemon meringue pie in this sensory invitation, the base is a perfectly lemony play dough.

6. Lavender Water Sensory Bin - Amp up your water sensory bins by adding some scent like we did with this lavender sensory bin.

7. Citrus Scented Soap Foam - Whip up some grapefruit and orange soap foam like we did here.

8. Lemon Scented Soap Foam - This sensory bin is inspired by Minions, but smells absolutely delicious because of the lemon scented soap foam base.

9. Lavender Scented Beans - These lavender beans last forever! They smell wonderful and are calming to play with.

10. Citrus Scented Easy Dough - Just as the name suggests, this sensory dough is easy peasy to make.

11. Chocolate Peppermint Cloud Dough - Chocolate and peppermint go so well together and make a perfect sensory bin material.

12. Lavender Epsom Salt Tray - Beautiful and calm, lavender epsom salt is a perfect sensory bin filler or as a writing tray material.

13. Coconut Cloud Dough - This twist on the classic cloud dough recipe smells so good!

14. Lavender Scented Water Beads - Transform water beads with some scent, just like we did for this Easter themed sensory bin.

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