Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Free Anxiety Worksheets for Kids

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Looking for worksheets for kids with anxiety? Then try these free worry worksheets and anxiety management worksheets for kids.

Anxiety is a quite common in autistic and hyperlexic children so if you have a child that worries a lot, then you're certainly not alone.

My oldest, for instance, has anxiety issues and we are doing everything we can to help him best manage it. We've worked a lot on teaching him self-regulation skills and coping strategies over the years to build his coping skills toolbox so that he can learn to manage and cope as best as he can.

Some of the resources in his toolbox include these free anxiety worksheets for kids.

Free anxiety worksheets for children

Worksheets for Kids with Anxiety - All Free!

You'll love all these free printable worry worksheets for kids. They're great for keeping track of worries and anxious thoughts, managing the anxiety, and/or learning to discuss those worries with others.

1. Free Worry Bully Drawing Worksheet - Draw and name what your worry looks like with this printable.

2. Free Worry Tracker Printable - A simple sheet for you to keep track of when you worried, why, how you coped, and more.

3. Free Printable Worry Monster Tracking Sheet - An adorable worksheet for tracking all of your worries.

4. Free Worry Jar Printable - Write down all of your worries and keep them safe with this worry jar printable (various colors available to pick from).

5. Free Printable Worries Worksheet - A colorful sheet to record all your worrying thoughts.

6. Free Video Game Themed Anxiety Warning Signs Worksheet - Kids can use this printable to identify their warning signs of anxiety. They simply need to color in the signs that apply to them.

7. Free Printable Worries Journal Book from Look! We're Learning - A little booklet to help you explore your worries.

8. Free Printable Worry Tree from Kiddy Charts - Fill in the apples with your anxious thoughts and add them to the worry tree with this printable.

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Free printable worry worksheets and anxiety worksheets for kids